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I’m supposed to be in Milan right now.  Sipping strong espressos and looking at cool people.  No, I’m somewhere in Virginia, the day after my flight departed.  Let’s just say problems everywhere you turn.  Upon departing Atlanta, a man on our plan has a seizure and then goes unconcious.  He won’t respond to any doctors that are on board.  We make an emergency landing at a little airport in Virginia.  Out landing gear doesn’t like the heavy plane landing on a small run way, and makes an odd thud noise.  Firetrucks come.  Siezure guy is removed from plane, but we stay since we are an international flight.  However, tech people see that this plane won’t fly out again, so after an hour we can leave and hang out in the tiny terminal.  For many many hours we are told several stories about what will happen (they will bring replacements for all the tires that blew out, they will ship us back to Atlanta).  However, By midnight we are shipped out to a hotel.  200 grumpy Itlians, Americans, and some Middle Eastern folk that were making connecting flights in Milan.  Did I mention the multitude of sreaming chhildren on that flight?  Anyway, next day we are about to take a cab back to the airport now, and see if the plane will be ready to fly out, and that we will have someone to fly it (another problem last night, we couldn’t just bring in another giant jet, and we couldn’t find someone available to fly it since the pilot here maxed out his legal awake time).  Anyway, I’m supposed to arrive in Milan at 2:45 am.  great.  Will write about those adventures when possible.  Ciao.

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Euro Cup 2008

…is here.  Needless to say, I’ll be a Euro Cup widow for the next couple of weeks (even our time in Italy will be planned around the games).  Opening ceremony is on as I type…

The logo kinda reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog after he had a soccer ball for lunch.

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Chest pains

Chest pains, weird rashes erupting on my arms and shoulder, and an ache in my stomach.  Studio week has taken new forms.  Whereas in the past things have just been an emotional ride from hell, my body has finally decided to join the parade.

I’m too young for a heart attack, right?  The amount of caffeine, printer problems, and lack of sleep today was making my heart feel like it was going to explode right out of my rib cage.  Maybe I will get to sleep when I die just yet.  Hopefully not…a week and three days this will all be over and I’ll be halfway across the globe…

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