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Break for books

I slept last night, and that was something I definetly needed.  I’ve been spending the day just looking at books, which I guess might seem unproductive, but is needed to inspire creative ideas before panic sets in…especially when looking at reworking an entire huge project in a weekend and you’re already exhausted all you ideas.

So, determination remains.  I do enjoy what I am creating and I passionately want to make it come to life, which is why I get incredibly frustrated and flattened by 16 tons weights easily when those attempts go array.  But it’s that determination to create that  gets me to peel myself off that chunk of metal that sits on me and get back to work…after some rest of course.

So, today Martin Venezky’s book It Is Beautiful Then Gone has helped me refocus.  I am addicted to books and have bought quite a few from recent grads moving to New York.  I haven’t had time to read them, but allotted myself time this afternoon to flip through some.  And actually, the book I speak of was brought to my attention from the kind computer brains at but at least I can sound like a design snob and say, OMG!  You haven’t heard of this book yet?  So, when you’ve exhausted all ideas for layout, type solutions and smacking images next to text, take a break and flip through this.  Maybe it will help, or maybe it will be of use down the road – I’ve had it since December and haven’t found much inspiration from it until now, but all my books take their turns.  Enjoy.

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End of quarter gray cloud festival

Ah, the PC experience. I’ll be a guest blogger on the subject soon, but I just haven’t had a chance to put something together with the end of the quarter coming.  But if you’re dying for a piece of raw, honest PC life, I’m willing to dish today.  Maybe even vent a little too.

Needless to say, I haven’t been able to get to bed before 4am all this week.  It’s the last week of classes, though next week being studio week usually means little difference – I still spend just as much time in meetings and make up classes as any other week…I’m just supposed to finish all my projects meanwhile.
Despite getting little sleep from Wednesday night to Thursday morning, I did have a nice evening after class, getting in a good 40 minutes of badminton time…I can’t let my slovenly body completely atrophy before I graduate.  My goal that night was to get out a massive amount of revisions for a class that I’ve been working on for the past couple of days.  I thought it wouldn’t take me too long to prepare them, but the sun was rising before I got to see my mattress.  The birds started chirping at 3am, the first garbage truck arrived at 5:30, and the sound of pipes busy with morning showers started at 6:30.  I know, I’m lucky, I got to sleep a few hours, I could’ve had nothing…but since I’ve aged 30 years in the past 18 months, my body handles this sort of thing worse with each passing week.  So, I did get some peaceful rest time until 9:30 when I was awakened to discuss some bank stuff with Pig, and then slowly getting my ass ready for the 30 minute hike to work.  But my giant amount of revisions was sent off for review and I felt pretty good about it…and most of all, relief of getting it packed in a PDF and sent before I left for the day.

I checked my email at work in the afternoon, and got response back from the files I had sent in the morning.  I felt something like that giant 16 ton weight from Monty Python’s Flying Circus crash on me as I read the feedback.  All caps was used at in part of it to emphasize the amount of fixin’ needed.  However, it was noted that there was so much wrong with it that it was too much to write in an email and would have to wait for class Monday.  But rework it meanwhile.

So. That is a little piece of the PC experience.  I keep asking if it’s worth it.  Is it worth the stress I put on myself, my health, my family?  I see other people getting oportunities, but I could be one of the unmentionables that just falls between the cracks.  Well, I don’t just fall, I’m sure it’s my own bloody fault.  I can’t get a grip on one particular aspect and end up reverting in my process, and I don’t do the shmooze and social thing very well.  And a lack of sleep makes that gray cloud just a bit gloomier.  I suppose if I never rise to anything at least I can be satisfied that at least I made it through six quarters of the program – hopefully all eight at the end of the year.

And so now I will sleep.  It’s almost 3, and that’s before 4, so I’m very happy and just a tiny bit guilty.  Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and write cheery optimistic posts, but not likely…I have a lot of work to do, and there are enough of those posts by other classmates out there anyway.  You can tune in here to hear struggle, attempts, failures, and some weird determination that drives me with the simple hope that maybe all this trouble will be worth it somewhere down the road.


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Extra thumb

I recently asked Pig, a loyal PS3 enthusiast, what he thought of this Austrian ad.  While I thought it was merely comical (what gamer has abs like that?), he was repulsed and almost started convulsing on the spot.

I guess Austrian men are different, or Playstation just doesn’t know their audience that well…

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Brussel Sprouts vs. Mushrooms

Some people really hate brussel sprouts.  I tried them once, and I wasn’t really a fan, but maybe they’re ok if prepared some speacial way?

What I hate more are mushrooms.  If I could, I would have them gassed and exterminated off the face of the earth.  Yet, I’m doing a book about mushrooms…which in one way or another are a metaphor for the 1930s nazi propaganda stories for children, and positive modern German literature.  Long story, but in short I hope to be more open minded about mushrooms by the end of this laborious project.  I touched a mushroom recently, so that’s a start.

A quote I agree with, form one of my pages (that will be toned down as it was too busy or chaotic or something or another not good)


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Originally uploaded by badbird

Oddly enough, i think snails and slugs are cute, so whenever an artist can put emotions into these simple shaped creatures, I’m in love.

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The Jewish-Japanese sex and cookbook and how to raise wolves

I think one of the things that surprises the left-brained universe about my gruelling work schedule at Portfolio Center is the amount of research I have to do.  I guess when some think of grad school in an artsy setting, it’s just about gathering around the table and making cool pictures.  Well, on so many different levels it is different than that…However, it is similar to other grad schools in the fact that we have to do a lot of research.  A lot lot lot.  The first day as a PC student, you are required to go get a library card.  Library?  Musty old books that you can’t hit control+F to find what yer lookin for?  Yep.  Old school research, where the pages have real sources and often realiable facts.  These long forgotten buildings suddenly have a new purpose for me, as research papers and proposals require more ligetimate sources than Wikipedia.  And yes, in that artsy school that teaches us to design purty stuff, we have to research, we have to write long papers, and we have to compose proposals and briefs…all with strong facts to back them up.

So, while browsing online to see what the local Buckhead location has currently on its shelves, I found a most unusual title.  I’m actually in a writing class this quarter (I act as the designer and am paired with a copywriter), and from what I’ve picked up in the short time so far, this title is not working.  I believe I was looking up books on Judaism when this jem appeared.  If you’re read it, let me know how it turned out…


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Spring is chirping

Birds have been chirping 24/7 here, which establishes Spring is officially here and soon to be on its way out.  I never liked spring very much, but now I think it’s actually a nice time, as the weather has been cooler than I remember.  I think it just gets a bad rap because summer follows right behind it…and I’m no fan of the uber-humid and scorching Atlanta summers.

But I don’t mean that the birds are chirping 24/7 as in everyday – no, I mean every hour.  Well, I mostly notice it in the middle of the night while working on an endless supply of projects.  As my design mind stars cranking at late hours and I sometimes relapse with insomnia, this means between 1-4.  Sometimes it really annoys me, as if they’re telling me the night has already ended, and if I want to get any sleep, I’d better stop working and get to bed.  You already wasted how much time?  You’re only that far along?  Other times they’re not so bad – it seems a little less isolating to know someone else is awake, at least until the 5:30 rounds of garbage trucks start up.

So, here’s to enjoying spring before it melts away into the hellish months known as summer.  As for the noisy birdies in the middle of the night, I hope you guys are getting your work done too.

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Mediocrity – is that even a word? But more importantly, how does one beat it? It seems to be a theme for me right now, whereas 4th quarter I had a teacher trying to teach me “sophistication.” The “s” word didn’t stick too well, but at least it was pointed out as something I was lacking. Maybe it did sink in, but I just felt it doesn’t represent me that well. Me, sophisticated? beh.
So I feel lately like I’m treading water, staying afloat but not taking things to a new level. I try, I want to, I really really want to, but somewhere between concept and execution I fail. It becomes mediocre, could’ve been better, maybe even great.
Sometimes I just want to accept mediocrity; it’s like that idea of loving my body for what it is. But then the realization that a rotund bodice is not only ugly, but also very unhealthy, begins to push me to think acceptance is not the right answer. Same with design. I could be content that I’ve fallen between the cracks; afterall, it’s better known as an average designer than a bad designer. Maybe there is a contented, peaceful life out there for the mediocre, if they just accept their mediocrity. Perhaps, but then there’s something in me that want to buck acceptance and would rather be depressed over not being anything than accept being mediocre.

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Far away

I haven’t done any homework today. I feel a bit guilty, and will probably do a bit of reading later, but my brain feel like it finally has had some time to breath.
I haven’t gone to bed before 4am all week, and I’ve been wearing myself down terribly…but now I’m eight hours from PC and going to spend a few moments in the Atlantic before heading eight hours back. I’m just along for the ride, I keep saying.

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