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You want, you get


I have a running list of all the strange search terms people use to find my blog. While I won’t entertain you with some of the bizarre things people are searching for (ok, “DESIGN A GANGSTER PIG” and “do squirrels bathe?” have been a few recent ones), I’m still wondering how they end up here. But, to satisfy the searcher who came here looking for “squirrels drinking coffee”, here you go, a recent find I just have to post. I guess the credit goes to Terry Lea and her Flickr photo site. I really wanted this photo but it wasn’t available for download – sorry, I had to rip it off with a screen grab. I couldn’t stop myself – look at that happy face!

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IBM, protests, and….bananas?


Thoughout time, science fiction writers have often portraid technology as a potential evil, having the ability to cause harm rather than help. Despite their creativity, I’m sure they never envisioned protesting bananas messing up the masses.

Take for instance the recent virtual protest against IBM, thanks to Second Life. Supposedly 1,850 protesters appeared for the event. And while there is dilema now on how Second Life will play in the role of virtual morality, realestate, and politics, there are still some other surprising things to be figured in…like, when having a protest and estimating the attendance count, do you count large objects of fruit and geometric shapes? I’m not sure past “real” protests had to take this into account, maybe I’m wrong. But I’m not here to judge. Bananas can be 100% human in cyberspace, if they are controlled by a human, no? Whether the triangle’s message has any relevance is another thought, but hey, he came out anyway.

So politicians, law enforcers and journalists beware, there are many oddities out there that will be finding their way into our world and fighting for a new way to fit into it.

For those like me who wish to view Second Life only from the sidelines right now, you can read more about it more in the blog New World Notes. Check out Newt Gingrich’s body guards while you’re at it.

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Yahoo and the Squirrel Obstacle Course


I saw this on the front page of Yahoo today. Looks like someone is trying to oust the Dramatic Prairie Dog of his internet fame. Well, the video on Yahoo wasn’t all that exceptional, only endearing to squirrel fans, whereas dramatic prairie dog had some sinister suspense to it for everyone.

If you want to see some fame-worthy squirrels, check out this video.

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Girl Savage and cute critters


Check out Girl Savage to see some wonderful hand-made critters for sale. You can read her blog and check out her store to get a little background on each creation. These aren’t mass produced plush toys, but soulful critters that each seem to have a story and personality to go with them. Also, it goes to show you that you don’t need the snobbiest textiles or technology out there to make something really cool. Just some imagination, heart, sewing supplies and felt. When I graduate and have some cash to spare, I will definitely want a family of happy squirrely creations.

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Mighty Belka


While I’m at it, just thought I’d say Mighty Belka is up and running. This was my online portfolio created for my Flash class this past quarter. The critique panel didn’t like it as a design piece…oh well, I see their point. I was trying to learn all that I could about Flash in 2 1/2 months, so this is what I came up with some negligence to proper design form.

This was my first time dealing with animation, timelines, actionscript and a webpage – a lot to cover, and still so much more I need to learn. The panel suggested I turn it into a game and create a portfolio site more inline with my design style (whatever that is)…well, I have some ideas for a new layout, but we’ll see when I get there. And the design samples in my design portfolio are just placeholder anyway, from 2nd quarter that I’ll be replacing soon with more recent and hopefully better stuff.

Anyway, enjoy before I take it down…

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Awake again


Sleeplessness has definitely plagued me lately. I’m rarely drinking coffee or anything caffeinated these couple of weeks, so don’t blame it on that. I’ve battled with sleep for as long as a can remember – ether not being able to escape it, or not being able to enter it. It comes in various stages and extremities, and it’s peaked at a nasty level again. Lately I haven’t had a need or reason to stay up til when most people are getting up for work. It’s isolating and frustrating. I’d like a normal schedule, but I can’t seem to fall into that groove.


Sleeping meds sometimes help, but lately they just put me in a very odd daze that develops into a fog that hangs over me for the following day. I don’t have a prescription kind, and don’t know what to think about them. I’ve heard enough scrutiny a bout them from my peers, yet people in my family swear by them. And speaking of which, I’m getting blood taken tomorrow for the doctor,we’ll see what happens.


So, it’s not too late yet in the evening, there could be hope of getting a night’s sleep. Maybe I should be plopping my head into a pillow now rather than putting my brain to use? No, my mind would race anyway, things i need to do, why my portfolio site sucks, things I’ve done wrong, what I should do in the morning if I feel up to it but know I wont…and then I accidently glance at the clock, see it’s 4, now 5, I get angrier, frustrated, my heart races more. I can find more constructive things to do than that. Maybe I’ll write, and maybe someone else will see this and know what I’m talking about. Networking, eh?


I know, I’ll probably sink into the opposite problem once classes kick in full steam – the inability to escape fatigue’s nasty grip. Meanwhile, i’ll just be getting through one night at a time and see what happens.

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Many may have gotten the opportunity to travel this summer, but few have bragging rites over a journey to Piglandia.


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Spider Pig Couch Gag

Living animated proof. Just go to second 38 and you’ll see pork in action.

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Spider Pig – Safe At Home

We’ve been left hanging for several months now, wondering of the fate of Spider Pig…

…and finally, during the opening couch gag of The Simpson’s 19th season, as predicted, we found out. Yes, Spider Pig survived…feel free to sigh with relief, he didn’t become porkchops in the anarchy that enveloped Springfield, he was safe hiding out in the Simpson’s home all this time.

He truly was a summer love.

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As of September 15th, four years in America!


And what’s a celebration without selodka pod shubi, cheborek, and some hatchipuri?  Happy 4th year in America, Pig!

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