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Oh, pain. Knee. Pain. I can barely extend it straight. I’m hobbling about like an old woman. I was on my feet for about 6 hours after class last night, and I think this is what has killed it. Not the kettlebells, but the lack of rest and amount of weight on my knee. I used to feel this sometimes when I ran, and was hoping it would not revisit…but alas. I’m afraid going to class tonight will only make it worse, will instead spend time stretching and resting it. Even bought one of those drugstore knee braces, but I think that’s more of a $20 piece of mind/waste of money.

Since I only have pain when the knee is straight, I did a little research and it might not be the knee’s fault entirely (ok, it’s my fault, but still). Looks like muscles in my hip, rear, and back of thigh might be causing the knee cap to react this way. I looked through several sites for info and watched a video on how to stretch and massage it out. I didn’t have a tennis ball, so I made do with a croquet ball from the trunk of my car..I knew those would come in handy!

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