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Waking moments in San’Agata

So, to recap from a few posts ago, I spent my previous break travelling from Switzerland to the southern tip of Italy to meet my long-lost relatives… some who immigrated to the US long ago and then returned to Italy, others are relatives who stayed behind.

I never had a chance to go through my photographs – it’s just now during my current break that I finally got them off Pig’s laptop.  Anyway, thought I’d share a few moments from that incredible experience.  These are from the second portion of my trip, spent in San’Agata di Esaro in Calabria, a small mountaintop village of about 2,000.  Walks at 6am revealed the town in quiet beauty, tho many people were out and about enjoying the morning temperatures at that time.

Far up in the mountains…

The town awakening..

My view in the morning…

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And now for something completely different…

I’m far away and just unwinding from another crazy critique week…

As for other things…I never had to take Hank’s chair class, so I never had to worry about designing a big quirky piece of furniture (ok, there was that really weird recycling bin)…but if I ever had to, I would look to Dust Furniture for inspiration.  If I had to design a shelf or some other random piece that expressed myself (and not some horrific personal story), I think I would try to incorporate these elements….

And this little shelf thingy looks so happy!

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