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Teamwork Squirrels meets YouTube

Here it is, finally on YouTube…

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Dramatic Hamster/Prairie Dog headlines


Well, it looks like I was on to something, I noticed a familiar face on the headlines of Yahoo recently.

Sadly, it seems the rest of the world just doesn’t appreciate this wonderfully ridiculous 5 second clip.  Actually, by the comments it looks like people need to lighten up a bit and channel their anger elsewhere…it’s just a silly prairie dog someone made for some comic relief, do you really want another headline in the news about soldiers dying in Iraq or Paris Hilton suffering in prison?


It almost worries me a little…these people could someday be my clients…hopefully not.  I did my part to help…with a little self-promotion thrown in there too.

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Waiting and Making


In the midst of my impatience to recieve my new MacBook Pro, I decided to build my own out of an old Amazon box.  It’s working just fine, and should carry me through until the big day, though everything I type on WordPress has a brownish hue.
Anyway, I ordered my MBP as soon as break started, so I’m getting a little impatiant…I just wanna play with it and get it set up before the July 2nd chaos kicks in.  And it case you’re wondering, by shipping it to my mum’s place in Marietta, I got to save close to $50 in taxes than if I went to the Apple store in Lenox and walked out with it.  And for someone who is nervous about money right now, this is very, very good.

Anyway, I’ve been obsessively tracking this thing on FedEx.  Apparently it’s been vacationing in Shanghai and Alaska, and honestly I’m a little jealous.

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Best 5 seconds on the web

In case you haven’t seen this yet, let me get you up do date with a new web obsession, the “dramatic prairie dog”.  Mason was kind enough to pass this on to me, and after a little research, I unviled a cult following of this little rodent.  It actually all began on a Japanese childrens’ show, but somehow just spread like crazy on the internet. 

While it is squirrely in the face, most people had been dubbing him the “dramatic chipmunk”.  A few people also called him a hamster, but prairie dog affecionados were offended by this, and wanted to set it straight.  This is a Dramatic Prairie Dog, and don’t you forget it.  As a side note, I always wanted a prairie dog, but they’re not legal in Georgia.


Anyway, perhaps some of you can recall the dancing hamster craze that was ruthlessly spread around in the late 90s.  Well, this apparently is having the same cult following.


People are now making “remixes” and submitting their own parodies. 


In fact,  is even selling the t-shirts. Yes, I really want one!

Well, maybe this will do some good. I’m very against the Forest Service’s plans to poison them…I’d rather not have my tax dollars go to that just to please a few rachers.  Sign the petition to stop it!

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Brief moment of cool


Finally I’ve become cool.  Society will now accept me.  Now I’ll be invited to parties and social gatherings.  Yes, I’ve bought and recieved my first Apple product: the iPod.

Ok, so I’m terribly out of the loop, society will still look at me oddly, and Jessica was already inviting me to parties and social gatherings regardless (hopefully she won’t give up on me, I’m not good at attending social gatherings). 

It’s just a year after being perfectly satisfied with my faux-pod (Creative Nano something), so I’m excited to see what all the hype is about.  Since 2004 people started telling me their best friend at the gym was their iPod, and I MUST get one.  Eh. Anything I MUST get usually turns me off immeadiately.  I continued listening to music the old fashioned way (burning CDs) until the CD player in my car died…then came my faux-pod, which was a fraction of the price of an iPod, the size of an eraser, and had every feature, radio, recording, even some too advanced for me to grasp…it even came with an arm band for the gym, free!

Nonetheless, I’ve recently traded in my first un-born child and two mortage payments for the new Mac Book Pro.  With it came the iPod Nano and another free printer (total: 6 in our flat…enough with the free printers!).  Pig, a sucker for techie toys, decided to upgrade after a trip to the Apple store.  Video!  30 gig!  Engraving! Bigger shape is more fun for man hands!  And $50 more, there you go!  I know, a year from now, I’ll be wondering why I paid this and it doesn’t even come with a phone, camera and a tetragigawhatever hardrive.

So, while I’m waiting for the MBP to arrive and join the PC club of coolness & silver 15″ notebooks, I’m gonna go walk down Peachtree exuding all the urban coolness I can muster…and I’ll probaby end up at my Starbucks as usual.  If anyone is up for a nap in a cup, come join me, and I might just let you sit at my table.


Ah!  the fine packaging!  Clever advertising! (Pirate of the Caribean pic on the cover).  Sleek styling!  Polite request not to steal music on protective plastic! (almost made me feel immoral for all my free music moments)  The free engraving!  The aesthetic design!  So this is what it’s all about!  Ok, now I’ll go charge it…


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There’s a God Poster in my Parking Deck


Coexist, eh?  Or am I just seeing things?  Anyway, for all my fellow Emotive Type classmates, I thought you guys (and Anne) would be proud of my car neighbor.


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Second Quarter…taking it further


Second Quarter is officially over. Done. Kaput. I’ve finally had a day to do absolutely nothing, which I partially took advantage of – I did spend a little time cleaning up all the x-acto blades scattered across the flat.
As of 2pm yesterday, Thursday, things wrapped up and I attended a casual beer tasting in the evening to celebrate. Thursday morning was a different story, which is a good example of my pathetic time-management skills. My last poster was sent to Imagers at 5am, and had to be picked up at 11. I then had to go over to Perimeter area to get my photos, which were running late due to being understaffed. Then back to school to trim my photos and mount my poster, by 1pm. And yes, despite my poor timing, I pulled it off, in time for two critiques.
And now that this quarter is over, I am left with a completely different feeling. Last quarter was disappointment in myself and depression, whereas now I am ready for more challenge and feel I might even have a little direction.  My projects had a much better pace to them, which helped immensely in the final deliverable…last quarter I was putting together housing units hours before critique, without having done mock ups of them previously, and I never had a chance to work out the kinks.  AFter a harsh critique, I read other student blogs about how they felt PC was for them, and I wasn’t sure I felt the same way. 
Needless to say, I hope to never revisit those First Quarter experiences. Did I grow, improve my skills during those first 10 weeks? Yes I suppose, but not to the level I’ve felt for this quarter. I suppose first quarter was more a growth in balancing life, adjusting to a crazy school and balancing a marriage, house and job. I think things were too frantic to really allow me to look inside myself and explore things as deeply as I could have.
I must say this quarter pushed me to try things I never would have thought to try, and never would have carried out if it weren’t for the encouragement of my instructors and peers. There was the attempt at claymation, which helped give me an identity of my own; also spray-painting my own graffiti in the Krog Street Tunnel for the sake fo God and Anne. I visited BBDO and was immensly inspired…and started to crave an internship.  I pushed things out of my cautious level with my packaging, using 1950s pinup girls for my images. Maybe that would never make it to the market, but it’s finally sunk in that I need to take this time at school to do things I might never have another opportunity to try. I even baked a pizza for one certain class…
So as I’m being pushed to become more diverse, more experimental and crazy, I’m looking forward to what the next quarter will bring, and what it will do to me. Keep you posted…

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