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Oh, pain. Knee. Pain. I can barely extend it straight. I’m hobbling about like an old woman. I was on my feet for about 6 hours after class last night, and I think this is what has killed it. Not the kettlebells, but the lack of rest and amount of weight on my knee. I used to feel this sometimes when I ran, and was hoping it would not revisit…but alas. I’m afraid going to class tonight will only make it worse, will instead spend time stretching and resting it. Even bought one of those drugstore knee braces, but I think that’s more of a $20 piece of mind/waste of money.

Since I only have pain when the knee is straight, I did a little research and it might not be the knee’s fault entirely (ok, it’s my fault, but still). Looks like muscles in my hip, rear, and back of thigh might be causing the knee cap to react this way. I looked through several sites for info and watched a video on how to stretch and massage it out. I didn’t have a tennis ball, so I made do with a croquet ball from the trunk of my car..I knew those would come in handy!


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Yes, I have survived my first coffee without sugar EVER.

In the mornings I get an Americano, sometimes hot, sometimes on ice. Cream, cinnamon, cocoa powder…but no sugar today. A little strange at first, but I still managed to enjoy. It took me a year to get off aspartame/splenda and switch to raw sugar, so I wasn’t sure how this would go cold turkey. I used to be a diet Coke addict, but after the 4th kidney stone, decided to cut it out. Needless to say, I haven’t had a stone yet (and that was 2005), and I very rarely have a soda of any kind.

So, here’s to a new beginning of sugarless coffee!

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So I’ve been a bit busy during the past month or so. It was holiday time, which with my cornucopia of a family, is a long and varied event. December includes a birthday for myself, a nod to Hanukkuh for one side of the family, and a very festive Christmas with the other. New Year is when Russians have their equivalent of Christmas, so it is another huge celebration, and a great time for after-Christmas clearance gifts. The 7th of January is Old Christmas (according to Russian Orthodox calendar), and the 13th brings “Old” New Year. These last two holidays got lesser attention, mainly since no one here in the states pays attention. Just small evenings of happiness for us.

Another addition to my schedule includes joining the creative team at Definition 6. They recently put out this video for Coke’s Happiness Machine campaign, so here’s a little flavor of their creative spirit.

Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine”

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A few years ago I woke in the night with an idea about a little snail going on an adventure. I quickly sketched it down, and incorporated it into Motion 101 class, which led to this.

Lately, I’d been thinking about creating a 3-dimensional slug, but just of its bust. Sort of a “happy face” to hang on the wall. Or a hunter’s prize, which is rather silly – not just because how could you stuff a slug for a wall bust, but rather why would you be proud of being able to snag a slug? Well, silly things give me joy, so here’s to some clay, slime and love.

Posing on the wall

“Spludge” – what I call wonderful slug neck fat. Looks better in person.

Slime test

Painting clay. Forgot to take pics of sculpting process…

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The Spaghetti Spoon Phase

The Spaghetti Spoon Phase.

Few seem to go through it and survive. Well, few seem to go through it at all. While going through my archives, it seems I passed through it circa 2001. Glad I have emerged, unharmed from any other kitchen utensils.

Jacks, oil on canvas

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Poor Havana

I was sad to hear today of a fire that gutted Havana Restaurant (Buford Highway near North Druid Hills), one of the few great places for Cuban food north of Miami.  I’ve been going there about 10 years now, as it was often a mandatory escape from the horrible cafeteria food at Oglethorpe.  Yes, my first Cuban coffee experience was here, and I remember buzzing for the next two days afterward.  Many guanabana shakes were enjoyed here, though I often took them to go as the place truly was a hole in the wall.  I remember when the owner’s husband died, and now this…well, there’s a site started to encourage her to reopen…so if you were a fan, drop a line and let her know!  And who knows, maybe she’ll get a nicer place…and if not, that’s ok, it kinda added to the ambiance.

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