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I am still around, believe it or not…surviving the critique, one fried computer, a terrible interview, sickness, and the holidays – which include Pig’s birthday, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Hannakuh (step-father), Christmas (my mother and myself) and Novy God (Pig – the Russian New Year, which is like their Christmas).  Old Christmas on the 7th and Old New Year on the 13th are still left to go, and yes graduation is looming on the 19th.

Again, I won’t be posting too much…in fact, I’ll probably be shutting this blog down soon.  It’s been hinted that it’s too negative and might turn of potential employers doing their research.  I just wanted it to be an honest look at my journey through the past 2 years…but alas.  So, I’ll keep this alive until that journey has come to an end, and then go deep into anonymity and chart my new journeys.

Meanwhile, welcome 2009.  May you be a positive 365 day adventure…


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