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Long Weekend, new Quarter

Seventh Quarter has started, but not quite in full gear yet.  I had two of my classes cancelled last week, so I can’t give the full outlook yet.  However, I am optimistic that it will be better than 6th quarter.  What an awful, awful quarter!  I’m still reeling from it and trying to regain my confidence.  I won’t go into details on the public world wide web, but I will say that Portfolio Center encourages taking risks.  It also says not to fear mistakes.  Well, I took a few simple risks, ended up with some big mistakes, and ended up scared, in a huge mess, and some nasty health ailments

Since this is my last quarter of classes, I’m hoping I’ll have a breakthrough and catch up on some areas where Media Architecture pulled me away.  I was able to catch up on some idle time this weekend, a lovely 4th of July…I haven’t had an idle Saturday since March!  April and the first part of June provided non stop stress, and during break I was constantly travelling…Saturday 1, arriving in Milan and seeing as much as possible including a way to get from the airport to the hotel on a miniscule budget, Saturday 2, going from Rome to Calabria, Saturday 3, from Calabria to Rome.  This weekend?  A visit to PDK airport, viewing of Grindhouse, and family gathering.  Quiet downtime before the chaos starts all over.

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I’m back, after a remarkable 2 1/2 weeks…

It wasn’t easy ato come back to the land of homework hell and criticism after all the cafes, relaxed strolls, and meeting of family…if fact, it makes me want to choose carefully the lifestyle I head into next.  There is much more to life than just working  Contentment and success comes in all forms and the stress of a non stop high profile job is not the answer for all.

So yes, I finally made it to Milan…after a night in Virginia, and a day at JFK.  We didn’t get in to Italy until Saturday afternoon, in fact.  But the days afterward make up for those delays….Milan, Lugano (Switzerland), Torina, Genova, Rome, and the region of Calabria.

Those are all posts or talks over coffee that will have to wait – I’m far too tired to write about those adventures.  While the 11 hour flight was not much fun, it was the 2 hours going through customs hell  in Atlanta that diminished my level of energy completely.  I did make it back for my 1pm class today, only to have the instructor not show up.  But that was ok – instead I had a relaxed lunch with a few classmates and did nothing but catch up and drink margaritas.  I never had a chance for that last quarter, and I was quite miserable with the isolation it created.  It’s good to know the fears and worries that I have are shared by fellow 7th quarters as well.  Well, I’m not wishing them to feel this way, it was just nice to vent together.

Anyway, I am tired and have the opportunity to sleep, so I will take it.

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I’m supposed to be in Milan right now.  Sipping strong espressos and looking at cool people.  No, I’m somewhere in Virginia, the day after my flight departed.  Let’s just say problems everywhere you turn.  Upon departing Atlanta, a man on our plan has a seizure and then goes unconcious.  He won’t respond to any doctors that are on board.  We make an emergency landing at a little airport in Virginia.  Out landing gear doesn’t like the heavy plane landing on a small run way, and makes an odd thud noise.  Firetrucks come.  Siezure guy is removed from plane, but we stay since we are an international flight.  However, tech people see that this plane won’t fly out again, so after an hour we can leave and hang out in the tiny terminal.  For many many hours we are told several stories about what will happen (they will bring replacements for all the tires that blew out, they will ship us back to Atlanta).  However, By midnight we are shipped out to a hotel.  200 grumpy Itlians, Americans, and some Middle Eastern folk that were making connecting flights in Milan.  Did I mention the multitude of sreaming chhildren on that flight?  Anyway, next day we are about to take a cab back to the airport now, and see if the plane will be ready to fly out, and that we will have someone to fly it (another problem last night, we couldn’t just bring in another giant jet, and we couldn’t find someone available to fly it since the pilot here maxed out his legal awake time).  Anyway, I’m supposed to arrive in Milan at 2:45 am.  great.  Will write about those adventures when possible.  Ciao.

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