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Serenity in furriness

As the pressure builds this quarter, I find myself looking at this little guy…his roundness just seems to have a soothing effect. I keep him on my desktop at all times, maybe he can bring you some peace as well.

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Mike Huckabee: Fried Squirrel Out of a Popcorn Popper

This guy is going to hell.

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Circle Triangle Square

Exercise for Logos class: Circle, Triangle, Square

Britney Spears

Dick Cheney

Phil Spector



What time was that deadline?


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Design Experience: Coffee Nation

The following is a short essay for my Design Experience class regarding good and bad experiences.


My favorite way to spend free time is to sit at leisure in a coffee shop or café with a cup of something stimulating and conversation of similar nature. I’ve experienced many wonderful cafes in my lifetime that have left a memory or two with me, though in my humble opinion, even the local Starbucks can often provide a place for something pleasant.

In particular, Coffee Nation is a small café in Riga, Latvia that stands out as one of those cafes that fills its customer with a warm, memorable experience. Coffee Nation could be enjoyable at any time, though the mornings were by far the most pleasant. This says a great deal, as I am not a creature of morning habits, yet this café made the mornings an likable time.


Located on street level on the opposite side of a friend’s flat we visited, Coffee Nation provided the ideal start to the day in a close proximity unknown to most U.S. cities. The urban décor was tasteful but not extravagant, and did not overshadow the large cups of liquid fuel and fresh pastries. While the inside had its merits, the sidewalk patio provided a relaxing breath of fresh air and an opportunity to slowly divulge in a large cappuccino in the early sunlight. The picturesque streets of Riga became a stage for the small bistro tables, as average people walked past on their commute and moderate traffic passed through the unpretentious city.

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Design Experience: Newegg

 The following is a short essay for my Design Experience class regarding good and bad experiences.

Our household has a fascination with hunting for electronic toys at the best price.  Though there are several sites that have provided good experiences, Newegg stands out for its page and navigation.  The Newegg webpage is easy to navigate and well categorized, making product selection an easier process.

The main page of Newegg is neatly organized and different sections are easy to navigate.  There is little clutter and the type is easy to read. In the search feature, Newegg attempts to guess at what you are trying to locate, which is convenient for bad spellers like myself.  Once you have selected the item you wish to explore, all available items are listed.  The user can sort by price, brand, and so forth, but can also see upfront if shipping is free or additional.  May other filters are applicable and also tell you how many items fit that category, so you don’t waste your time searching in an area that doesn’t contain such a product.

After a particular item is chosen, a summary of ratings appears, and reviews are listed in an easy to view column underneath.  The review summary is especially nice when trying to make a quick comparison between products.  Checkout is relatively hassle-free, and Newegg is prompt with its shipping.  So far, shopping with them has been successful, informative and cheaper than in a retail store.

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Design Experience: Headless Eels

The following is a short essay for my Design Experience class regarding good and bad experiences.

In a city dominated by Publix and Kroger, I enjoy visiting farmer’s markets for their diverse selection of goods, lower prices, and overall multicultural atmosphere. While I usually do my shopping at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, I occasionally hit other places for more random goods.
At another Atlanta area farmer’s market, my husband and I happened to be looking for fresh seafood. My husband spotted a tank full of live eels and immediately became intrigued. I shuddered at the thought of buying something living and killing it, and would likely be a vegetarian if more motivated. My husband, however, though it would be a unique experience to buy a fresh eel and learn how to cook it. I wasn’t enthused, but let him decide. Before I knew it, he was picking out his eel of choice and holding a pathetic bag with a poor little guy floating in it. I refused to watch the eel suffer yet did not want to have to take its life when we arrived home. Thus, my husband asked a worker for ideas, and was sent over to the fish gutting section. At this point I walked away to avoid the site, disgusted by this experience. When my husband found me later hiding in a canned beverage isle, he held at his side a smaller bag with a headless eel inside. I was not happy, but hoped it was the quickest and least painful way to go.
For the rest of the day, each time the refrigerator door was opened I was greeted by the presence of a headless eel. Though I was disturbed that we had taken the life of the poor thing, I tried to comfort myself by thinking that it was glad to be out of that horrible tank. Nonetheless, no more eels.

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