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The sun will be coming up soon.  Seems like that was happening just a few hours ago when I left for work.  But I’ve long since returned, and have been spending my hours making a chicken fall from the sky.  Seriously.  Maybe someday I’ll show you.


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A plea to my brain

So I thought I’d be disciplined tonight and go to bed early with the Pig.  So, at 1:30, I was in, played on the laptop til 2, then lights off….then my mind raced, so it was Sonata time.  Of course, I have such a wimpy prescription for it, it doesn’t do a thing, so second Sonata and here I am, 3:30, wondering if I should just get up an do some work.

I had an 8 am class this morning, a 3hour group meetings, and bookmaking til 10pm, so I should be a little tired.  However, before my 3pm group meeting, I stopped by my personalized Starbucks and was prescribed something for the evening.  Not sure what it was (some sort of Americano?), but its strength seems to be much more enduring.  Starbucks defeats Sonata hands down.

Come on brain, go to sleep!  you know you’re going to be dead tomorrow morning, take advantage of this time I’m giving you!


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Fire, lost and found

I probably won’t be writing much in the next couple of months…I had to do an hourly breakdown of what it will take to finish my grad projects and keep up with my classes – 860 hours…in 61 days.  I get 10 hours a day to eat, sleep, and socialize.  Hopefully I overstimated, but so far things are taking me longer.  Right now, venting will make me sad, so I just have to keep moving forward.

Alas, PC is always a crazy place…here’s a sample of what you can get in your email on any given day.  I was acutally sitting in a classroom for a group meeting when this was sent out.  I guess email is replacing fire alarms, and PC is replacing Craigslist for finding homes for cats and other lost items…



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