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Billboards I hate


I took a picture of this one a while ago, but it reappears occasionally on Roswell Road.

Copywriters and designers alike, I think there is much to hate here. Does “Vein” really have to be in caps and quotes? We get it, vain and vein. The song might not be popular anymore with anyone other than my mom (yet it always gets stuck in my head when I see this), and thus a misunderstood pun, but we get it. And yes, I see a map overlaid on those veiny legs. Oh, and what else is there, the word Peachtree Street!  Wow, it’s been localized too!  Two zingers in one ad, how ’bout that?

Well, sorry to take it out on the possibly local designer that did this, but it’s always placed at a traffic light that I always get red, so I’ve had much time to dwell on this….perhaps too much.

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S Dnem Rozhedniya!

Happy birthday Mr. Pig! A new toy to replace that wife who’s always too busy doing homework!



Pig & friends at Dave & Busters before he got Time Crisis 4 for PS3. Now he can play at home, complete with gun, so no need for D&B…hopefully this will save this money somewhere down the road…

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What kind of turkey are you?

Somehow I came up with the bizarre idea of making a turkey carcass mobile for a self-promo project, and even more bizarre, was encouraged to do so by my instructor. I like oddball things that make people say “what the hell was that girl thinking,” and a mobile of “flying” turkey carcasses seemed a fun way.

Well, I started making various types of turkeys just to play around with pattern and style, but then I got stuck. I failed to find the deeper meaning behind the turkey and how it could promote me. So, I feel like I’m back at step one again searching for a new concept, but I still like my turkeys. In fact, I’d still make a 3D turkey carcass mobile if I had the time, or if I could find a way for it to lure the attention of future employers. Anyway, I like my mock up turkeys, so I thought I’d share…


The Multi-Dimensional Turkey, complete with timer popper thingy.


The Glam Turkey, shimmery and sparkly for your big night out.


The Crafty Turkey, for those that enjoy clever handmade goods.


The All-Natural Turkey. Organic and no preservatives.


The Retro Turkey. So ugly, it’s cool.


The Jock Turkey. Feels like a real ball when you palm it.

The Surreal Turkey. Will take you to a dream-like place.


The Urban Type turkey. Edgy alternative to the Graffiti Turkey.


The Turkish Turkey, with optional Fez. Made of fun foam.


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Eat your heart out, Sylvia

So today was a certain company’s employee appreciation day at Zoo Atlanta. I couldn’t help myself there when roaming around the gift shop thinking how they should have designed their bags, posters, and products. Ahem, what civilization is represented on this bag, and where’s my reuse?! (for those confused, that’s a Portfolio Center thing, going back to my first quarter with the infamous Sylvia) I did pay close attention to the different sections of the zoo and their graphic styles….I even saw a nuton! (ok, never really was sure how to spell that) Anyway, nothing was quite as extreme as Sylvia would have wanted, but design probably isn’t at the forefront of their budget.


Where’s the AOF?


Kangaroo with extra set of legs…ok, so the little guy just decided to dive head first in…it was cold out!

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Full Metal Scratchboard


Glass plate, black paint, and sharp gouging objects…part of my Full Metal Jacket project.

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Autumn colors


Happy fall to all those who spend too much time in the design world and not enough outside enjoying this beloved season.


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Pig power gone green

So Pig was wandering through TV land tonight and turned on some Mad Max sequel – and of course made fun of the fact that of course I haven’t seen this movie. It’s the ongoing joke, I’m the American and have never seen most of what Hollywood is famous for (I’m even a Star Wars virgin); Mr. Russia, on the other hand, has seen every blockbuster since perestroika.

But getting back to that Mad Max film – there was some outpost desert town, which kinda looks like what the earth is going to resemble in 50 years if things don’t. So, in the attempt to adapt, they have this oddball system that gets all its energy from pig waste. Even cafe lights are powered by bacon output. Well, that’s seems like a silly and lofty idea at first, but then after reading about Costa Rica’s Lapa Rios ecolodge on Inhabitat, low and behold, here it is, a real place run on pig power!

Anyway, as I’m studying sustainable concepts this quarter, it’s interesting to see the variety of creative ways to make energy and reuse materials. All hail to the almighty pork!


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Running with the…


Educational yet passionate clip on this courageous and historical event.

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