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The Russians are coming

Off to Hartsfield, a visit from the in-laws awaits…


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Happy Passover

Passover greetings from a bucket of matzoh ball soup.  Yes, one more holiday our melting pot family of Christian, Jewish, and Russian Whatever celebrates.  

The soup actually didn’t turn out as good as it usually does (how do you ruin matzoh ball soup?), but the turkey was actually much better than it looks.


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Power of Signs

Getting a point across without words can be a difficult task, but when done successfully it definitely creates a strong message…

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Happy pic and a good reminder

After working all day on mindless (souless?) powerpoint presentations on ancient PCs for corporate America, this cheery little pic saved the day. Sometimes days like these are useful reminders why I’m suffering through 2 years of design boot camp…hopefully to avoid powerpoint, at any rate…

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Hookah Tips 4 Squirrels

Occasionally I get some weird links to my wordpress site.  I can’t see how I’m linked to The Hookah Lounge, but WordPress says it’s an incoming link.  Upon clicking this particular entry on that blog, I guess it partially makes sense:

Hookah Tips 4 Squirrels


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Familiar motto

I managed to go 3 weeks without a trip to Starbucks. Alas, week 3 of my 6th quarter has gotten me reacquainted with the friendly baristas at my local ‘bucks…
Anyway, thought this ad epitomized PC philosophy at its best.

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Turkmenbashi gets gridded

That’s right, Turkmenbashi, the crazy president of Turkmenistan had his moment in the limelight making and breaking the grid.
The president-for-life who passed away not too long ago, was known for his crazy personality cult and absurd rules. My research found endless amounts of sculptures, products, and buildings bearing his name, in addition to the infamous giant gold sculpture of himself that constantly rotates so he is always facing the sun. Liqueur, money and pieces of art bear his face. He has renamed days of the week and months of the year to his liking. Lip syncing, music in cars, and ballet are a few of the oddities banned. Obviously, this guys provided plenty of interesting material for my Type & Image assignment, which involved using characteristics of a person formated with conventional and deconstructed grids, on 5 postcards.
Though I am not an orderly person, I greatly enjoyed this assignment, and hopefully this will be the start to adding some structure to my work.

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A different view

Oh, here’s Hank’s take on the wall. Much more positive than mine. Guess that’s why I didn’t make the smiling faces montage…

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I hate the wall.

Here’s a little clip of “the wall” I made last quarter…

I hate hanging the wall. Of all the things at Portfolio Center, this is the most dreadful, horrible activity. I’d rather complete another cut paper poster in 21 shades of gray while having teeth pulled. I’m not sure why I hate it so much, but I dread that first weekend of each quarter. Is it the chaos? Uncertainty of escape? Team activities gone bad? Disorganized mess everywhere?

To those outside of PC, “hanging the wall” refers to putting up all the selected student work from the previous quarter. It’s a big exhibition of what the PC elite think are the best pieces and it changes every quarter. Students are broken down into teams for certain areas and put up everything and build boxes, shelves and everything else required. The madness beings with a tear down crew at 7, and continues into infinity. Once your group finished, you are encouraged to help out others…though it is very tempting to sneak away and enjoy the afternoon. Otherwise, you might not see daylight for a long time. Sadly, there isn’t yet a digital wall (website gallery), so animation/web projects never see an outside audience (like mine). Boo, hiss.

It’s also a good time to get a true critique on your work. Your work may be chosen, and people around you might not see your name tag on it (which has likely fallen off anyway by now), and thus give their true verbal feelings on it. It’s a skin toughener, well, for me anyway. My five quarters seems to produce “mediocre” results, but better to hear it now from students then next year from potential employers.

I have so much I need to learn and accomplish this year to get anywhere, it’s exhausting.

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A good Friday, nonetheless

A long day at work and a loud evening out.  All in all, a very nice way to spend my first Friday back in school – without massive amounts of stress weighing me down.

My day at work was filled with little annoyances that I probably would never have noticed a year and a quarter ago.  First of all, I had to cut and assemble some packaging for a new product photo shoot.  First I’m given a giant pair of clumsy scissors, and then finally get my beloved exacto…which happens to be quite dull and of course is only blade in our design department.

The item itself has been professionally printed with some expensive extras, but the template is off – it is the wrong size and does not build correctly.  I’m a little green with packaging, but still…I know they did a million mock-ups, how’d this get through?  And am I gonna get blamed for crappy  assembling? (words of “improve craft!”  from past critiques still echo in my head). I tape the heck out of the thing trying to get it to work, as glue is illegal to transport through the facilities (long story I still don’t understand).

The last six hours were spent photographing product and some other accessories  I don’t have any training with studio set ups, but fortunately someone not in China this week helped me get all the wires and plugs and stands ready.  Yes, photography was part of my undergrad, but I was taught by natural light enthusiasts.  And a tip to people wanting their product photographed – don’t provide accessories that are wrinkled, torn or otherwise not in their best condition.  Irkkkk.

Anyway, those were actually very tiring hours, arranging and rearranging, playing with lights and position…I’ve forgot all the work that goes into photography before the shot (and that it is important, Photoshop can’t do everything).  Kudos to you photographers.  Also, I’m really glad I didn’t get into product photography, as it got to be a little tedious for me, and I was sick of the product pretty fast.  I still love photography, but I’ll stick to my architectural fun stuff and weirdy artsy nonsense on the side.

So maybe it’s good I went into design instead?  Well, I think design is good for me, but am I good for design?  Ahhh, deep thoughts.

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