Michael Johnson: Life before, during and after PC

I always enjoy hearing the advice former or “upper-quartersmen” have to offer to the newer, struggling PC kiddies. This quarter I switched to a focus in Media Architecture with hopes of getting into interactive design someday. I am a little concerned what “Media Architecture” means at PC, how much attention it receives from the school, and that I will be prepared and take the right classes/instructors. I guess I don’t have a clear outline of what will happen in this program, but I also understand that the technology and field are new and changing every minute – so it’s hard to have a concrete outline.

Anyway, I was just reading an interview from Michael Johnson, who recently graduated from the Media Arts program. He offers advice for those in the program, as well as general commentary for design at PC. Print is not dying, and just because daddy didn’t love you doesn’t mean it will make a great design – these are interesting to hear from his perspective, especially the latter. Also, as the mystery of 8th quarter looms over my head even now, I greatly appreciate the insider look at this scary time.

Since Michael isn’t hanging around the basement of PC anyway, you’ll just have to read the interview here.



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2 responses to “Michael Johnson: Life before, during and after PC

  1. There is a core group of us who meet and work together but sometimes it is outside of normal PC hours. (for example we meet up once a week for breakfast.) Anyway, pretty much if you want to do something in the program let me know — aka shot me an email.

  2. Sorry about the whole basement thing, would love to hang but the folks at work prefer me to be at the desk thingie… so 20th Century.

    Definitely come one down and play with us on a breakfast day.

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