Socialized Medicine…and ranting


For some reason I am absolutely dreading doing that socialized medicine poster for Tania’s class. Maybe it’s a manifestation with my frustrations with everything this quarter (I know, I know, everyone else thinks it’s so much better). Maybe I’m just annoyed that Tania thought I didn’t put anything into concepting and that I presented my ideas in too light hearted of a way (I know, get used to it, but dammit this is my blog and I can rant). I was excited all week about ideas that were floating in my head for my Kidney Stone in Ceska Lipa story, but now I am hate-hate-hating it! Thank gawd it seems to have been set aside for next week, but my distaste for this project is weighing on me.

I was thinking of all the cool materials and textures I could use in a an ad for tourism to Ceska Lipa. Or medical clothing products – unless you work for Kimberly-Clark or Procter&Gamble, I guess you have no idea what goes into it. The organization I worked with in the Czech Republic – I’d love to do anything to promote them! And then I thought that if my story was turned into a film, the kind of movie poster I would design – I had it all planned out and was really excited about it, but I guess that’s a silly idea? There weren’t any limits on the poster concept when it was introduced. Thank goodness I didn’t share my czech Wonder Years DVD promotional poster! Gotta work on the presentation and doodling skills – more serious and realife drawings? Eh, next time I won’t even bring any sketches…in one class I’m dubbed a poor illustrator, in the other I’m not original, and…ok, i’ll stop. Just gotta keep moving forward…if I’m floundering with things, at least I can say I keep going forward.

So, class and teacher seem pretty intent on a poster about Socialized Medicine, perhaps juxtaposed with our pricey US system.  I’m just not feeling it. I don’t think it’s the solution, and I don’t think we should just bash our system like we do everything else. I’m not very patriotic and I’d love to live outside the US, but sometimes I’m really tired of the “grass is greener on the other side” that goes’s always easier to look over yonder and think things are rosier. But, I think things are browning on both sides – just a brief bit of research doesn’t turn up much bright light from various foreign voices –

“Socialism is a cancer that has taken a heavy toll on the lives of New Zealanders”

“massive tax increase for declining quality in health care and you may have to wait a year or two to get it”
“The public hospital system is a disgrace,” he added. “Socialism has nearly destroyed it. ”

ok, just quotes from random sites, I’m not writing a research paper so just google this topic to get a source. However, the most disturbing quote:

“what would happen if governments seized control?” ehhhh. If we look at some of the decisions that our government has made recently, I don’t really want some of those folks dictating my medical rites and who administers what and when. Another concern is just by looking at free services that exist – I’m not sure if medicine would be divided by state, but let’s say for example…I know California was trying to create it’s own socialized state. So let’s look at Georgia. We rank #49 in education throughout the country. Not good. Shouldn’t education be the same for all US citizen? Or those that live in poorer sections get half-ass education? Want to have to drive to Connecticut for better treatment? Could be a new form of tourism, but let’s just hope any change in US medicine will be overall and not divided by state, or worse, county.

Anyway, I don’t think the US has a great system going on, it’s being diseased with greed, corruption and all else in that genre. I don’t feel that socialism is the automatic solution, but rather another option that could be researched and improved. I’d like to know, did this disapproval of US health care always exist? I mean, I don’t remember my mom saying she couldn’t afford to see a doctor when she was a kid, and she grew up with little money – and did they have insurance 50 years ago? What happened? When did medicine get so expensive? Can we look to this source and backtrack a little?

In conclusion, I’m dreading making a poster that glorifies Socialized Medicine, when I’m not sure if it should be. Please please share your opinions, especially you Canucks and foreigners out there! Ok, ranting over for the night, I think I can sleep now.


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One response to “Socialized Medicine…and ranting

  1. jim

    Don’t do it you are wasting your time. Socialized medicine is a failure, and it is crumbling all across Western Europe and Canada.

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