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Full Metal Typography

Working with type is intimidating for me. Painful, humiliating, frustrating. I don’t have all the names of the uber-popular fonts memorized, nor can I properly identify them and what works next to them.

I’m doing a large project with the screenplay Full Metal Jacket, and this is definitely putting me in a position to deal with massive amounts of type, often emotionally heavy, in a new way. Hopefully by the end of this project I’ll loose some of this apprehensive attitude. Regardless, I still admire people who have an eye for type, and appreciation of its structure, and infatuation with its form or lack thereof.

Below are some picture from the flat of Oleg Mitasov, from Kharkhov, Ukraine. His eccentric use of type is mystifying and beautiful to me – no holding back, pure expression, essentially his paint, color and texture. Some see graffiti, mental illness, or a mess of a flat – while I don’t wish to copy this in my own place, I do see a certain freedom, and I envy it.




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