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Happy Turkiness!

I know I posted these a couple years ago – but just wanted to show my Thanksgiving spirit and bring ’em out. They weren’t even intended to by Turkey Day decorations, but I hung on to them just in case. The modeling clay is still holding up, but I lost the mini foam fez for the mini foam turkey.

As the background, I had a horrific typography class and was emotively typesetting the entire script of Full Metal Jacket. On 130 individually hand dyed pages, individually cut and wrinkled and printed. The story had an emotionally draining, depressing effect on me, but I was pleased with the result. To keep us from going insane in the class, we also had to come up with a self promotion idea that was fun. This was a direction, but was never persued…just fun break from death, war and vulgarity.

It’s my mission to make it a holiday tradition to add more turkeys to the collection, we’ll see…


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Happy Passover

Passover greetings from a bucket of matzoh ball soup.  Yes, one more holiday our melting pot family of Christian, Jewish, and Russian Whatever celebrates.  

The soup actually didn’t turn out as good as it usually does (how do you ruin matzoh ball soup?), but the turkey was actually much better than it looks.


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What kind of turkey are you?

Somehow I came up with the bizarre idea of making a turkey carcass mobile for a self-promo project, and even more bizarre, was encouraged to do so by my instructor. I like oddball things that make people say “what the hell was that girl thinking,” and a mobile of “flying” turkey carcasses seemed a fun way.

Well, I started making various types of turkeys just to play around with pattern and style, but then I got stuck. I failed to find the deeper meaning behind the turkey and how it could promote me. So, I feel like I’m back at step one again searching for a new concept, but I still like my turkeys. In fact, I’d still make a 3D turkey carcass mobile if I had the time, or if I could find a way for it to lure the attention of future employers. Anyway, I like my mock up turkeys, so I thought I’d share…


The Multi-Dimensional Turkey, complete with timer popper thingy.


The Glam Turkey, shimmery and sparkly for your big night out.


The Crafty Turkey, for those that enjoy clever handmade goods.


The All-Natural Turkey. Organic and no preservatives.


The Retro Turkey. So ugly, it’s cool.


The Jock Turkey. Feels like a real ball when you palm it.

The Surreal Turkey. Will take you to a dream-like place.


The Urban Type turkey. Edgy alternative to the Graffiti Turkey.


The Turkish Turkey, with optional Fez. Made of fun foam.


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