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Circle Triangle Square

Exercise for Logos class: Circle, Triangle, Square

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IBM, protests, and….bananas?


Thoughout time, science fiction writers have often portraid technology as a potential evil, having the ability to cause harm rather than help. Despite their creativity, I’m sure they never envisioned protesting bananas messing up the masses.

Take for instance the recent virtual protest against IBM, thanks to Second Life. Supposedly 1,850 protesters appeared for the event. And while there is dilema now on how Second Life will play in the role of virtual morality, realestate, and politics, there are still some other surprising things to be figured in…like, when having a protest and estimating the attendance count, do you count large objects of fruit and geometric shapes? I’m not sure past “real” protests had to take this into account, maybe I’m wrong. But I’m not here to judge. Bananas can be 100% human in cyberspace, if they are controlled by a human, no? Whether the triangle’s message has any relevance is another thought, but hey, he came out anyway.

So politicians, law enforcers and journalists beware, there are many oddities out there that will be finding their way into our world and fighting for a new way to fit into it.

For those like me who wish to view Second Life only from the sidelines right now, you can read more about it more in the blog New World Notes. Check out Newt Gingrich’s body guards while you’re at it.

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