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I’m back, after a remarkable 2 1/2 weeks…

It wasn’t easy ato come back to the land of homework hell and criticism after all the cafes, relaxed strolls, and meeting of family…if fact, it makes me want to choose carefully the lifestyle I head into next.  There is much more to life than just working  Contentment and success comes in all forms and the stress of a non stop high profile job is not the answer for all.

So yes, I finally made it to Milan…after a night in Virginia, and a day at JFK.  We didn’t get in to Italy until Saturday afternoon, in fact.  But the days afterward make up for those delays….Milan, Lugano (Switzerland), Torina, Genova, Rome, and the region of Calabria.

Those are all posts or talks over coffee that will have to wait – I’m far too tired to write about those adventures.  While the 11 hour flight was not much fun, it was the 2 hours going through customs hell  in Atlanta that diminished my level of energy completely.  I did make it back for my 1pm class today, only to have the instructor not show up.  But that was ok – instead I had a relaxed lunch with a few classmates and did nothing but catch up and drink margaritas.  I never had a chance for that last quarter, and I was quite miserable with the isolation it created.  It’s good to know the fears and worries that I have are shared by fellow 7th quarters as well.  Well, I’m not wishing them to feel this way, it was just nice to vent together.

Anyway, I am tired and have the opportunity to sleep, so I will take it.

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