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A Pre-Bauhaus Gift

I notice a lot of people have been coming to this blog to look for info Pre-Bauhaus Europe.  I don’t know who you are, but I know the feeling of not being able to find much on it…I’ve been meaning to get my paper on the subject from 4th quarter Sustainable Concepts uploaded here, so finally, here you go.  Use what you like from it, just credit the authors noted in the back.



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Pig power gone green

So Pig was wandering through TV land tonight and turned on some Mad Max sequel – and of course made fun of the fact that of course I haven’t seen this movie. It’s the ongoing joke, I’m the American and have never seen most of what Hollywood is famous for (I’m even a Star Wars virgin); Mr. Russia, on the other hand, has seen every blockbuster since perestroika.

But getting back to that Mad Max film – there was some outpost desert town, which kinda looks like what the earth is going to resemble in 50 years if things don’t. So, in the attempt to adapt, they have this oddball system that gets all its energy from pig waste. Even cafe lights are powered by bacon output. Well, that’s seems like a silly and lofty idea at first, but then after reading about Costa Rica’s Lapa Rios ecolodge on Inhabitat, low and behold, here it is, a real place run on pig power!

Anyway, as I’m studying sustainable concepts this quarter, it’s interesting to see the variety of creative ways to make energy and reuse materials. All hail to the almighty pork!


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