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Chi Wow Her

What a great start to the  week, and then what an awful turn it took midway through.  It’s so hard when crap happens outside of school life.  Present and smile like nothing happens at all, eat up criticism like it’s candy.  Save the scowls and deathly expressions for later in the quarter, when they are expected and needed for “real” reasons.  Would an instructor consider it a personal tragedy that a little furry animal friend has died?  Not a good enough excuse, though my boss would take it.  She took a whole day off form work when it happened to her.  But this isn’t a job with real people.  This is a crazy, insane factory.

Well, despite that incident, this quarter is still going well.  After hearing from some grads, I should enjoy this time while I can, a wild ride awaits me this fall. And to leave on a lighter note, here’s some great copy found in the advertising world:

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