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A plea to my brain

So I thought I’d be disciplined tonight and go to bed early with the Pig.  So, at 1:30, I was in, played on the laptop til 2, then lights off….then my mind raced, so it was Sonata time.  Of course, I have such a wimpy prescription for it, it doesn’t do a thing, so second Sonata and here I am, 3:30, wondering if I should just get up an do some work.

I had an 8 am class this morning, a 3hour group meetings, and bookmaking til 10pm, so I should be a little tired.  However, before my 3pm group meeting, I stopped by my personalized Starbucks and was prescribed something for the evening.  Not sure what it was (some sort of Americano?), but its strength seems to be much more enduring.  Starbucks defeats Sonata hands down.

Come on brain, go to sleep!  you know you’re going to be dead tomorrow morning, take advantage of this time I’m giving you!


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Familiar motto

I managed to go 3 weeks without a trip to Starbucks. Alas, week 3 of my 6th quarter has gotten me reacquainted with the friendly baristas at my local ‘bucks…
Anyway, thought this ad epitomized PC philosophy at its best.

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Design Experience: Coffee Nation

The following is a short essay for my Design Experience class regarding good and bad experiences.


My favorite way to spend free time is to sit at leisure in a coffee shop or café with a cup of something stimulating and conversation of similar nature. I’ve experienced many wonderful cafes in my lifetime that have left a memory or two with me, though in my humble opinion, even the local Starbucks can often provide a place for something pleasant.

In particular, Coffee Nation is a small café in Riga, Latvia that stands out as one of those cafes that fills its customer with a warm, memorable experience. Coffee Nation could be enjoyable at any time, though the mornings were by far the most pleasant. This says a great deal, as I am not a creature of morning habits, yet this café made the mornings an likable time.


Located on street level on the opposite side of a friend’s flat we visited, Coffee Nation provided the ideal start to the day in a close proximity unknown to most U.S. cities. The urban décor was tasteful but not extravagant, and did not overshadow the large cups of liquid fuel and fresh pastries. While the inside had its merits, the sidewalk patio provided a relaxing breath of fresh air and an opportunity to slowly divulge in a large cappuccino in the early sunlight. The picturesque streets of Riga became a stage for the small bistro tables, as average people walked past on their commute and moderate traffic passed through the unpretentious city.

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Local Escape

With the chaos of studio week about, I’ve been pining for outlets to get some fresh air and fresh perspective on things.  West Egg Cafe’s Red Eye coffee has given me a boost lately, though why oh why do they have to close at four pm?

One of my favorite stress release spots that doesn’t involve caffiene is the Peachtree Dekalb Airport.  Sit, swing, watch.  It’s supposdely the nation’s busiest private airport, but it’s small enough to feel intamite.  They have a lovely little playground where you can swing or play on airplane-themed structures, but when the kids overtake them I often just find a bench and watch planes come and go as the sun sets. I guess I find it soothing, watching arrivals and departure of little planes and private jets, wondering who they are and where they are going…


There’s a cafe there also, but the patio often fills up – and thus pointless.  Instead stop at La Suprema bakery on Clairmont and Buford Highway, the backside of Plaza Fiesta.  It’s on the way, clean, cheap, and gringo-friendly.  Fresh bread, pastries, cakes, and flan are available, but I recommend their little fruit cups.  The airport is right around the corner on Clairmont, just look up…you’ll see the planes.

Anyway, a nice local escape….

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You want, you get


I have a running list of all the strange search terms people use to find my blog. While I won’t entertain you with some of the bizarre things people are searching for (ok, “DESIGN A GANGSTER PIG” and “do squirrels bathe?” have been a few recent ones), I’m still wondering how they end up here. But, to satisfy the searcher who came here looking for “squirrels drinking coffee”, here you go, a recent find I just have to post. I guess the credit goes to Terry Lea and her Flickr photo site. I really wanted this photo but it wasn’t available for download – sorry, I had to rip it off with a screen grab. I couldn’t stop myself – look at that happy face!

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