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No, I couldn’t let you be, dear blog. I tried writing an anonymous blog, but what fun was that? I’ll be back for business. No, probably not very frequently, but I’m here, I’m open. It’s been a very rough 11 months without you, but I don’t blame you.

What else is new? A pile of crazy and bizarre things have happened, with little specks of goodness in between.

  • I have graduated from Portfolio Center
  • I made it into CMYK’s Aspiring Artist’s edition
  • I was awarded a scholarship from one of the most amazing firms, Leo Burnett
  • I have worked on a variety of different projects with different clients, some wonderful, some causing health problems
  • I’ve gotten to talk to some very big people and firms and received positive, constructive and very negative feedback

It is rough out there, I fall a lot, but I carry a spatula and keep getting back up.



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5th Quarter Damage

While most students like to post their actual work from the quarter, I always end up showing showing the resulting disaster that is left behind. So, to keep up with tradition, here’s what what it all looked like after 4 critiques and a quarter of hell.

At first, in the living room, not so bad…just some light trimming to get things mounted.


Then we move to my studio…ah,where the real action took place. Still not as bad as 4th quarter, but then again I didn’t tackle any huge paper mache projects this time around…


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