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Serenity in furriness

As the pressure builds this quarter, I find myself looking at this little guy…his roundness just seems to have a soothing effect. I keep him on my desktop at all times, maybe he can bring you some peace as well.

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Mike Huckabee: Fried Squirrel Out of a Popcorn Popper

This guy is going to hell.

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Snow on my nose

Seeing as my birthday was a few days ago, my condo didn’t want to dissapoint. It blessed me with the greatest gift of the season, a dead heater fan motor. Anyway, we just had the 1958 motor yoinked out of the ceiling (the set up is a little odd here), so we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of what things look like in our flat.


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Halloween greeting from your favorite furry creature

To celebrate the Halloween season, I thought I’d greet you with this. Creepy and so adorably cute at the same time.spider-squirrel.jpg


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National Squirrel Awareness Week


Yes, it is that time, National Squirrel Awareness Week. This festive time, October 7-13 is not to be confused with Squirrel Appreciaton Day, January 21.

According to Animal Insider, “Animals everywhere are expected to take part in the festivities by learning about squirrel behavior, engaging in community-building activities like visiting neighborhood bird feeders and taunting labradors.”

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week and give an extra friendly hello to your fuzzy tailed friends as they celebrate this special time.

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The real Loch Ness


It’s been an intense day, well, week…just thought I’d post a little light-hearted siting. While travelling through Scotland several years ago to Drumnadrochit, I took a boat down the infamous Loch Ness…needless to say I didn’t see any such creatures (except at the Loch Ness Museum, there’s a huge, hideous plastic Nessie in a pond out there). Acutally, I found the water to be extremely tranquil and mysteriously dark – I would say black, but don’t want it to sound polluted…it seemed pristine to me. Well, perhaps then it is possible that aquatic furry creatures could hide out here…

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