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Local Escape

With the chaos of studio week about, I’ve been pining for outlets to get some fresh air and fresh perspective on things.  West Egg Cafe’s Red Eye coffee has given me a boost lately, though why oh why do they have to close at four pm?

One of my favorite stress release spots that doesn’t involve caffiene is the Peachtree Dekalb Airport.  Sit, swing, watch.  It’s supposdely the nation’s busiest private airport, but it’s small enough to feel intamite.  They have a lovely little playground where you can swing or play on airplane-themed structures, but when the kids overtake them I often just find a bench and watch planes come and go as the sun sets. I guess I find it soothing, watching arrivals and departure of little planes and private jets, wondering who they are and where they are going…


There’s a cafe there also, but the patio often fills up – and thus pointless.  Instead stop at La Suprema bakery on Clairmont and Buford Highway, the backside of Plaza Fiesta.  It’s on the way, clean, cheap, and gringo-friendly.  Fresh bread, pastries, cakes, and flan are available, but I recommend their little fruit cups.  The airport is right around the corner on Clairmont, just look up…you’ll see the planes.

Anyway, a nice local escape….

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2 under 10 – Dekalb Farmer’s Market

In my current time of financial dispair, I’ve decided to start posting things to do in the ATL for 2 people for under $10.

Yes, things are tight, and when trying to find amusement for two people with the same bank account, things are very limiting. Try going to a show, two tickets, possibly parking price, for under $10. Difficult. So, one must keep an eye out for the free concerts, interesting festivals, cheap cafes, and places to explore that don’t charge an outrageous admission fee.

When hearing what some of my classmates get to do on their breaks, I feel like I’m the most boring person in the world. However, my finances must be shared between two people and a mortgage, in addition to tuition, and daddy isn’t going to buy me a plane ticket or pay for my credit card. So a little creativity is in order to find things to do, and maybe it’s better this way – it pushes me to do things I wouldn’t normally think to do, and I’ve ended up seeing some parts of this town that I haven’t bothered to visit before.

So, to get off in the right direction, go to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. Recycle your papers ad boxes first at their big center, then reward yourself with a cappuccino ($1.25 for a large, then get two cups to share between two people). Drink, people watch., and go look at the purple cauliflower. Check out the liquor section for packaging inspiration. Go back and people watch. Buy a lobster if on sale. We got one for $7.50 last time. Go home, cook, and feel like a king. You’re eating lobster for dinner!


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