Welcome, grad quarter…

Well, it hasn’t fully kicked in yet, as my evaluation with Hank keeps getting postponed.  I’m anxious to see what comes of it, as this quarter PC is doing it a little bit different with grads and having them take 2 additional classes at the same time.  So will I be redoing 30 projects in addition to a classload that could be on the heavy side?  I am taking Publications which will have its share of work, and a class called Virtuality, which I haven’t had yet.  I’m also auditing Bookmaking, and judging from the 1st class can say I wish I had this 8 quarters ago!  Maybe I wouldn’t hate publications so much if I had actually known how to keep my pages together.

I also have had zero energy lately, and have been wanting to go to sleep when the sun comes out.  Quite a shame, as it’s been so nice out, but my body just becomes sloth like regardless if I’m up with the moon or I go to bed at normal people hours. I guess this is typical of the first week back, when I have down time after running around during break and recovering from the previous quarter.  It’s almost like some sort of PTSD that rears its head when things finally calm down.  All those things I said I’d work on during break got pushed to now, and aren’t making much progress (make a personal website, relearn flash, etc.).

Anyway, I won’t spend too much time on that, soon enough I’ll have real reasons for fatigue!  Let’s get on with it, I suppose…I had “senioritis” quite bad last quarter, so I’ll try to get the momentum back to finish things up and moooove on….


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