Interning thoughts and ramblings

I doubt more and more these days that I’ll step out the door after graduation and have a job waiting for me.  Far from the hopes I had from my first day of orientation when we were given speaches about grads getting 40 offers at once…but after nearly two years you see those are special cases or those people just had different skills sets, be it in design or shmoozing.

As I haven’t shmoozed with the right people, won any awards or had an internship, I’m aiming instead for the latter after I get out of here.  Maybe it’s better I intern at a time when I can devote every waking hour to an internship…which will be easier than devoting every waking and unwaking hour, as I do for school now.

The only downfall of this strategy is that I’m pretty much limited to places in Atlanta, and hence I’m doing this to get a job, might lead to something permanent here.  Alas, the married, property-owning squirrel here can not just pick up and go anywhere for an internship….tho I guess short term I could. An internship doesn’t justify putting the flat on the market and having my husband look for another job…which we would do with a job in another city, just cuz the hub doesn’t like Atlanta so much, I hate hot weather, and I’ve lived quite a while here – maybe it’s time to see another part of the country.  But, I feel if I get a foot in the door at an Atlanta company, it will pretty much be kept here in Atlanta.  Which can be alright too if we just reframe our thinking.  Right now, tho, we don’t know what to think…

I still look at places elsewhere, including companies in the “less glamourous” cities (in the eyes of design snobs).  Afterall, I can maintain the same standard of living there most likely too (I would never ever have a 3 bedroom flat in NY or SF).  I mean, even this quirky festival in Minneapolis gives me hope – I would live someplace with this kind of stuff going on 🙂  So, there are plenty of other places with fun quirky vibes outside the big superstar cities, I just have to find a job there and get this strategy thing worked out…


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