Long Weekend, new Quarter

Seventh Quarter has started, but not quite in full gear yet.  I had two of my classes cancelled last week, so I can’t give the full outlook yet.  However, I am optimistic that it will be better than 6th quarter.  What an awful, awful quarter!  I’m still reeling from it and trying to regain my confidence.  I won’t go into details on the public world wide web, but I will say that Portfolio Center encourages taking risks.  It also says not to fear mistakes.  Well, I took a few simple risks, ended up with some big mistakes, and ended up scared, in a huge mess, and some nasty health ailments

Since this is my last quarter of classes, I’m hoping I’ll have a breakthrough and catch up on some areas where Media Architecture pulled me away.  I was able to catch up on some idle time this weekend, a lovely 4th of July…I haven’t had an idle Saturday since March!  April and the first part of June provided non stop stress, and during break I was constantly travelling…Saturday 1, arriving in Milan and seeing as much as possible including a way to get from the airport to the hotel on a miniscule budget, Saturday 2, going from Rome to Calabria, Saturday 3, from Calabria to Rome.  This weekend?  A visit to PDK airport, viewing of Grindhouse, and family gathering.  Quiet downtime before the chaos starts all over.

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