Break for books

I slept last night, and that was something I definetly needed.  I’ve been spending the day just looking at books, which I guess might seem unproductive, but is needed to inspire creative ideas before panic sets in…especially when looking at reworking an entire huge project in a weekend and you’re already exhausted all you ideas.

So, determination remains.  I do enjoy what I am creating and I passionately want to make it come to life, which is why I get incredibly frustrated and flattened by 16 tons weights easily when those attempts go array.  But it’s that determination to create that  gets me to peel myself off that chunk of metal that sits on me and get back to work…after some rest of course.

So, today Martin Venezky’s book It Is Beautiful Then Gone has helped me refocus.  I am addicted to books and have bought quite a few from recent grads moving to New York.  I haven’t had time to read them, but allotted myself time this afternoon to flip through some.  And actually, the book I speak of was brought to my attention from the kind computer brains at but at least I can sound like a design snob and say, OMG!  You haven’t heard of this book yet?  So, when you’ve exhausted all ideas for layout, type solutions and smacking images next to text, take a break and flip through this.  Maybe it will help, or maybe it will be of use down the road – I’ve had it since December and haven’t found much inspiration from it until now, but all my books take their turns.  Enjoy.


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