The Jewish-Japanese sex and cookbook and how to raise wolves

I think one of the things that surprises the left-brained universe about my gruelling work schedule at Portfolio Center is the amount of research I have to do.  I guess when some think of grad school in an artsy setting, it’s just about gathering around the table and making cool pictures.  Well, on so many different levels it is different than that…However, it is similar to other grad schools in the fact that we have to do a lot of research.  A lot lot lot.  The first day as a PC student, you are required to go get a library card.  Library?  Musty old books that you can’t hit control+F to find what yer lookin for?  Yep.  Old school research, where the pages have real sources and often realiable facts.  These long forgotten buildings suddenly have a new purpose for me, as research papers and proposals require more ligetimate sources than Wikipedia.  And yes, in that artsy school that teaches us to design purty stuff, we have to research, we have to write long papers, and we have to compose proposals and briefs…all with strong facts to back them up.

So, while browsing online to see what the local Buckhead location has currently on its shelves, I found a most unusual title.  I’m actually in a writing class this quarter (I act as the designer and am paired with a copywriter), and from what I’ve picked up in the short time so far, this title is not working.  I believe I was looking up books on Judaism when this jem appeared.  If you’re read it, let me know how it turned out…



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2 responses to “The Jewish-Japanese sex and cookbook and how to raise wolves

  1. samuel

    So, I’m reading it at the moment. It’s a novel where the author tells you how he likes wolves and raises one. His wife is a japanese woman (but the “sex” in the title doesn’t rally appear), you’ll learn very much about wolves though. As this is a book of Jack Douglas, he caricates different types of people, who attend him and share time with him. It’s not as funny as the title may suggest but it’s good to read. I’m currently on the last 50 pages, so I’ll be through in not so far future.

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