Spring is chirping

Birds have been chirping 24/7 here, which establishes Spring is officially here and soon to be on its way out.  I never liked spring very much, but now I think it’s actually a nice time, as the weather has been cooler than I remember.  I think it just gets a bad rap because summer follows right behind it…and I’m no fan of the uber-humid and scorching Atlanta summers.

But I don’t mean that the birds are chirping 24/7 as in everyday – no, I mean every hour.  Well, I mostly notice it in the middle of the night while working on an endless supply of projects.  As my design mind stars cranking at late hours and I sometimes relapse with insomnia, this means between 1-4.  Sometimes it really annoys me, as if they’re telling me the night has already ended, and if I want to get any sleep, I’d better stop working and get to bed.  You already wasted how much time?  You’re only that far along?  Other times they’re not so bad – it seems a little less isolating to know someone else is awake, at least until the 5:30 rounds of garbage trucks start up.

So, here’s to enjoying spring before it melts away into the hellish months known as summer.  As for the noisy birdies in the middle of the night, I hope you guys are getting your work done too.


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