Hookah Tips 4 Squirrels

Occasionally I get some weird links to my wordpress site.  I can’t see how I’m linked to The Hookah Lounge, but WordPress says it’s an incoming link.  Upon clicking this particular entry on that blog, I guess it partially makes sense:

Hookah Tips 4 Squirrels



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One response to “Hookah Tips 4 Squirrels

  1. This rodent writes a hookah blog using WordPress.I wrote an article with a photo of a squirrel and it linked me to you.I just found your comment and question “HOW did this happen?” The logical reason is that you and I are currently living in the same time and space on this meta-physical plane and the Creator the spinner of all spins and mover of all his desires has wanted us to meet her in cyberspace.No, don’t worry, I’m married with 7 of our own children and 7 grandchildren. Illogicallt speaking, my boss set me up to write his Hookah blog on WordPress. I feel like I’m driving a rejected 2008 Rolls-Royce when a pogo stick would do me just fine.It’s a totally waste of time.
    So don’t forget who brought your indestructable infinate never changing soul into this re-incarnation by mixing the 4 elements of fire, air, water and dust.
    (As hinted at in the Torah portion of Sarah’s death as Abraham comes to bury her) “In Kiryat Arba the same is the city of Hebron” Okay New York is called “The big apple”, Chicago windy city”, etc, but why two names to Kiryat arba (Hebron) 15 minutes from the small village I live in?
    Kiryat Arba means “city of the 4 connections” (Fire, air,water, dust) Hebron or Chevron is “connector”. So G-D in taking the soul puts into a connection of fire, air,water, and dust.At death Sarah representing the mother was buried by Abraham (the Soul). The first thing that leaves the body at death is fire, quickly followed by the last exhale toward G-D air, then the body dehydrates (water) and is left to dust.”To dust you will return”.Now, that doesn’t mean junk to you and I since you and I are not “the body” but the soul which is a part of the Infinate G-D.We indentify with our soul when the s hits the fan, but cry like babies when we are bit by mosquitos. Are you still crying over a mosquito bite from 20 years ago? didn’t think it was uppermost on your agenda today. and that is how we got fused in time and space you and I. Keep in mind that I am responding to the letter you sent to comments on our hookah blog. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.Can I offer a suggestion on a favourite hookah for rodents? Squirrel’s choice of flavoured tobacco!
    Moshe , hookah blogger from Israel

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