I hate the wall.

Here’s a little clip of “the wall” I made last quarter…

I hate hanging the wall. Of all the things at Portfolio Center, this is the most dreadful, horrible activity. I’d rather complete another cut paper poster in 21 shades of gray while having teeth pulled. I’m not sure why I hate it so much, but I dread that first weekend of each quarter. Is it the chaos? Uncertainty of escape? Team activities gone bad? Disorganized mess everywhere?

To those outside of PC, “hanging the wall” refers to putting up all the selected student work from the previous quarter. It’s a big exhibition of what the PC elite think are the best pieces and it changes every quarter. Students are broken down into teams for certain areas and put up everything and build boxes, shelves and everything else required. The madness beings with a tear down crew at 7, and continues into infinity. Once your group finished, you are encouraged to help out others…though it is very tempting to sneak away and enjoy the afternoon. Otherwise, you might not see daylight for a long time. Sadly, there isn’t yet a digital wall (website gallery), so animation/web projects never see an outside audience (like mine). Boo, hiss.

It’s also a good time to get a true critique on your work. Your work may be chosen, and people around you might not see your name tag on it (which has likely fallen off anyway by now), and thus give their true verbal feelings on it. It’s a skin toughener, well, for me anyway. My five quarters seems to produce “mediocre” results, but better to hear it now from students then next year from potential employers.

I have so much I need to learn and accomplish this year to get anywhere, it’s exhausting.


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