A good Friday, nonetheless

A long day at work and a loud evening out.  All in all, a very nice way to spend my first Friday back in school – without massive amounts of stress weighing me down.

My day at work was filled with little annoyances that I probably would never have noticed a year and a quarter ago.  First of all, I had to cut and assemble some packaging for a new product photo shoot.  First I’m given a giant pair of clumsy scissors, and then finally get my beloved exacto…which happens to be quite dull and of course is only blade in our design department.

The item itself has been professionally printed with some expensive extras, but the template is off – it is the wrong size and does not build correctly.  I’m a little green with packaging, but still…I know they did a million mock-ups, how’d this get through?  And am I gonna get blamed for crappy  assembling? (words of “improve craft!”  from past critiques still echo in my head). I tape the heck out of the thing trying to get it to work, as glue is illegal to transport through the facilities (long story I still don’t understand).

The last six hours were spent photographing product and some other accessories  I don’t have any training with studio set ups, but fortunately someone not in China this week helped me get all the wires and plugs and stands ready.  Yes, photography was part of my undergrad, but I was taught by natural light enthusiasts.  And a tip to people wanting their product photographed – don’t provide accessories that are wrinkled, torn or otherwise not in their best condition.  Irkkkk.

Anyway, those were actually very tiring hours, arranging and rearranging, playing with lights and position…I’ve forgot all the work that goes into photography before the shot (and that it is important, Photoshop can’t do everything).  Kudos to you photographers.  Also, I’m really glad I didn’t get into product photography, as it got to be a little tedious for me, and I was sick of the product pretty fast.  I still love photography, but I’ll stick to my architectural fun stuff and weirdy artsy nonsense on the side.

So maybe it’s good I went into design instead?  Well, I think design is good for me, but am I good for design?  Ahhh, deep thoughts.


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