Miami and fresh bum juice


I’m back….after a stressful trip to take care of some visa stuff for Pig…and I am incredibly tired.  Needless to say, I’ve never been so cold in Florida – I’ve been on Habitat for Humanity trips in January to Ft. Myers, and for goodness sake I was born in Boca Raton….so I never expected to see people walking around in winter coats during the end 0f March in Miami.

I do love cold weather, but when I travel to Florida with a bag of snorkeling gear, I have some expectations.  I lasted about 10 minutes on Key Biscayne and then hid on the shore under a long sleeve shirt, sweater, and towel shielding my head from the fierce wind that was pummeling me with painful bits of sand.  There were all of two people swimming in the choppy but tempting azure waters of South beach, so we just settled for walks there.

Maimi did indeed have many surprises for us beyond the crazy weather. Its Italian consulate annoyed us with random closing times, and downtown’s homeless issues were rather scary.  I’m used to Atlanta and its homeless crowd, but I guess I just know where to go and how to handle them?  Or our bums have southern hospitality?  These bums were mean!  It seemed downtown Miami was filled with half-constructed luxuriy high-rises and vacant lots filled with the homeless.  We relied cometplely on public transporation – no car and saved money by not using taxis – so we got a pretty good feel for the urban atmosphere.  On a brighter note, it is possible to get around Miami by public transport any time of day – something not so feasible with MARTA.  They have the free Metro Mover (this weird bus/monorail thing), which we called the bum express after being harassed countless times.  They have a pretty good bus system with some night routes, if you don’t mind the homeless brushing their hair on you, and it connects to their simple above ground subway, which connects to longer distance trains.

So Miami Beach is a lovely place, and thankfully there were average looking people in addition to the toned and large breasted.  Downtown, however, has an eerie emptiness.  We stayed at the Hilton, thanks to a $56/nite deal from Hotwire, and though the room was great, the outside was not.  Each morning, fresh bum juice awaited us on the sidewalks, and the walk to the buses had a lovely aroma.

Anyway, we aren’t calling this a vacation, because we had business to take care of, and the weather sucked terribly.  A real vacation would involve a hotel on Miami Beach district and a few taxi rides here and there. We had to spend a bunch of time inland in Coral Gables, so downtown was an ideal spot for this reason only.  Passing through Little Havana for cafecitos was the highlite of that part.

I have more adventures to post about, hopefully I’ll get to that before the quarter starts again on Monday.  I took plent of pictures on my little dinky camera, as I was too worried to take the big Nikon out until the last day. Anyway, a MARTA train never seemed so glamourous as it did after my flight in…


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