I’ve been a bit over my head lately, trying to keep up with 5 classes and a job, but that’s nothing out of the norm at the PC factory.  It is sad when you can’t get sympathy for only getting 2 hours of sleep.  I’m lucky, I know – I got to go to bed at 5 when some people are getting up for class then, and not drag my lazy ass out of bed until 7.  Mondays are just long, treacherous days, along with the days preceding it, so here’s a happy little guy who will meanwhile share some cheerful slime with you.



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2 responses to “Hi

  1. Lynn

    wow, i thought i was alone on the 2 hour a night train…. i need more sleep for sure! sounds like you do too 🙂

  2. Melanie LaJambe

    Keep up the good work, And… sneak in a little squirrelly nap here and there, if you can! 😀

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