Design Experience: Newegg

 The following is a short essay for my Design Experience class regarding good and bad experiences.

Our household has a fascination with hunting for electronic toys at the best price.  Though there are several sites that have provided good experiences, Newegg stands out for its page and navigation.  The Newegg webpage is easy to navigate and well categorized, making product selection an easier process.

The main page of Newegg is neatly organized and different sections are easy to navigate.  There is little clutter and the type is easy to read. In the search feature, Newegg attempts to guess at what you are trying to locate, which is convenient for bad spellers like myself.  Once you have selected the item you wish to explore, all available items are listed.  The user can sort by price, brand, and so forth, but can also see upfront if shipping is free or additional.  May other filters are applicable and also tell you how many items fit that category, so you don’t waste your time searching in an area that doesn’t contain such a product.

After a particular item is chosen, a summary of ratings appears, and reviews are listed in an easy to view column underneath.  The review summary is especially nice when trying to make a quick comparison between products.  Checkout is relatively hassle-free, and Newegg is prompt with its shipping.  So far, shopping with them has been successful, informative and cheaper than in a retail store.


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