Design Experience: Headless Eels

The following is a short essay for my Design Experience class regarding good and bad experiences.

In a city dominated by Publix and Kroger, I enjoy visiting farmer’s markets for their diverse selection of goods, lower prices, and overall multicultural atmosphere. While I usually do my shopping at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, I occasionally hit other places for more random goods.
At another Atlanta area farmer’s market, my husband and I happened to be looking for fresh seafood. My husband spotted a tank full of live eels and immediately became intrigued. I shuddered at the thought of buying something living and killing it, and would likely be a vegetarian if more motivated. My husband, however, though it would be a unique experience to buy a fresh eel and learn how to cook it. I wasn’t enthused, but let him decide. Before I knew it, he was picking out his eel of choice and holding a pathetic bag with a poor little guy floating in it. I refused to watch the eel suffer yet did not want to have to take its life when we arrived home. Thus, my husband asked a worker for ideas, and was sent over to the fish gutting section. At this point I walked away to avoid the site, disgusted by this experience. When my husband found me later hiding in a canned beverage isle, he held at his side a smaller bag with a headless eel inside. I was not happy, but hoped it was the quickest and least painful way to go.
For the rest of the day, each time the refrigerator door was opened I was greeted by the presence of a headless eel. Though I was disturbed that we had taken the life of the poor thing, I tried to comfort myself by thinking that it was glad to be out of that horrible tank. Nonetheless, no more eels.


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