C Novim Godem!

Midnight Dec 31, 2007 – sometime in the morning Jan 1, 2008Midnight marks Novy God and the visit by Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) to the good little Russians (he skipped Pig this year). Yes, this is when we have our big celebration of the year, like Christmas but less depressing and stressful, and more fun and entertaining.  Acutally, it marks the beginning of the holiday season, which is a little hard to practice in the US of A…our household still has old Christmas (Jan 7) and old New Year (Jan 13th) to go.  If we were in Russia, this would be two weeks of partying….but alas, registration for the new school quarter was Jan 2nd. 


The midnight greeting from Mr. Putin at the Kremlin.


Sovietsky Champagne is actually quite very good in my opinion.  


 My beautiful hachipurris. 


It’s a red star yulka!


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One response to “C Novim Godem!

  1. Melanie LaJambe

    Happy New Year, you guys! C Novim Godom! I don’t get to say that very often b/c there are NOT a lot of russian peoples around me! Happily, in a few months, there’s a Russian owner who has a Saint Bernard who is gonna have to come around to get his dog neutered. I guess I can say it then! 😀

    Take care… hopefully the new year treats you swell! 😀


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