Happy Coldness and Sugar Squirrels

It was so wonderfully cold today, it made me so happy. Felt so pleasant to bundle up with a scarf and hat and have the crispness hit my face. I know most people hate it, but it’s so rare here, I treasure it. Right now it’s 21, windchill of 12. It was in the 30s earlier, but to me felt a bit warmer. I guess when you dress for it, it’s not so bad…so many people looked frozen in their flimsy windbreakers…come on, get those coats out that you bought on clearance last spring and get some use out of em! I see people in uggs when it’s 85 outisde, put them to good use for once!

Anyway, while I’m in a good mood, thought I’d share some creativity on my mother’s behalf. I guess I got the crafty vibe from her, as you can see in the fine example below. Yes, that’s a squirrel tree she made for my birthday…sugar cookie squirrels that were too wonderful to eat…and got too hard anyway, thank goodness. I couldn’t bear to bite one of their heads off and digest those little peircing eyeballs.

Lovely little red eyes!

So many happy squirrels nesting in one tree…


Somehow a stray pig got in here too…hmmm…


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