Your crazy neighbors…


Perhaps you saw through your window some of your weird neighbors decorating a Christmas tree several days after Christmas had passed.  Well, to get things straight, that was us.  I know, Christmas is over…put away the tree and bring out the valentines.  All and all, it went by quick and it wasn’t so bad, but I’m looking forward to the fun part now…Novy God (“God” is pronounced “Gode” here).  For me, this day marks the real Christmas for me these days, not the 25th…and the post holiday sales are excellent.

So, New Year’s Eve when everyone is celebrating New Year’s Eve, we are celebrating Novy God, which means new year in Russian but is actually what wacky Americans would consider Christmas (tree, gifts, grandfather Frost), except that it starts at midnight and involves more alcohol.  So for Pig and I, we return from Decemeber 25th Christmas with my mother and a non-existant Hannakuh with my step-father, and we decorate our flat and Yulka (Christmas tree).  This is the first year we haven’ cut down or stolen a live tree, so it took me a little while to get into it (fake trees just dont smell the same, but finally we start feeling festive.  At last.

The traditional food will start being prepped tomorrow and we will stop by the Russian market soon to pick up the final goods.  We actually bought our Soviet Champagne months ago, but I’m attempting to make khachipuri and need some special cheese.  I’m also making Kharcho, which like Khachipurri is traditional food from the Republic of Georgia, but some of the best bloody stuff on earth.  Pig will make the Russian stuff while singing-dancing shows play in the background.  Lots of hard work and a night probably too peaceful for some, but these are the sites, sounds, and smells that I wait for each year.

So Mr. Putin, we will await your speech at midnight amidst the tolling of the Kremlin bells and welcome in a new year Rusky style.


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