The Aftermath

As my 4th quarter closes and I’m left with the huge mess to clean, I have to say this has been my most demanding aside from 1st quarter (which was from another lifetime, dimension and planet, so doesn’t count). Also, I think the mess was just as big if not bigger, except that this quarter didn’t require the extra bathroom being turned into a Super 77 lab. Instead my mess led to staining several spots on in the parking lot and leaving a trail of alien blood through the basement – will post about that tomorrow when I take pics.

Anyway, I’m a little lost this weekend with this thing called “free time” on my hands. I’ve been working in 5th gear since Thanksgiving – before that I was still working hard as well, but more the concepting and research – the past several weeks have been an intense process of hands-on building, editing, and learning how on earth to make those concepts come alive. Lots of frustration, a terrible cold, and bloody hands (working with hog wire had me looking a bit unstable lately).

So, three critiques later, here I am…yes, THREE…very satisfied by each one, though you would never have guessed if you had seen me hours/days/weeks ahead of them. And thank you Office Depot on Piedmont Road…you saved my ass when Kinkos gave a cold shoulder.

And now, the aftermath – how to wisely use these precious 2 weeks when not working and enjoying holidays and people I’ve blown off lately (sorry)…and of course, cleaning so next quarter I’ll have room to make a mess all over again…


The living room and kitchen…the paper mache/paper dying/ironing/sculpting/general assembly room


Pig’s office, the paper cutting and laser printing room…actually somewhat neat in this picture, paper covered couch and desk not seen.


My office…the printing/throwing stuff around/anything else room. Clean spot on floor is where I sat when I put the workhorse Canon on the floor to print all my war-torn dyed papers for Full Metal Jacket. That Canon kicked my Epson’s ass! (the Epson never recovered from 1st quarter tho the Samsung laser completely died) Very impressed, and happy to soon be adding a Pixma 9000 to the family.

Anyway, I’ve sense got most of the living room and Pig’s office cleared, as the debri and clay shavings from my dremmel tool were making it impossible to breath. Maybe I’ll even get motivated to put up some Christmas/Novy Goad lights soon. Keep you posted.


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