Billboards I hate


I took a picture of this one a while ago, but it reappears occasionally on Roswell Road.

Copywriters and designers alike, I think there is much to hate here. Does “Vein” really have to be in caps and quotes? We get it, vain and vein. The song might not be popular anymore with anyone other than my mom (yet it always gets stuck in my head when I see this), and thus a misunderstood pun, but we get it. And yes, I see a map overlaid on those veiny legs. Oh, and what else is there, the word Peachtree Street!  Wow, it’s been localized too!  Two zingers in one ad, how ’bout that?

Well, sorry to take it out on the possibly local designer that did this, but it’s always placed at a traffic light that I always get red, so I’ve had much time to dwell on this….perhaps too much.


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