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It’s about time.  News has it that the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is getting a new home, designed by KKE Architects.  If you’ve ever been to its stage in the Woodruff Arts Center, it feels more like a closet-turned conference room with a really high ceiling.  Maybe I don’t appreciate its simplicity, but I’ve always felt it’s an apathetic shrug, saying “hey, we’re Atlanta.  at least we got a place to stick a symphony.  now please consider us cultured.”

I hused to frequent the symphony during my undergrad days, but lately there hasn’t been a draw.  I guess after living in St. Petersburg, I got in the habit of stopping by the symphony after class and paying a couple bucks to sit in on any of the great performances.  It was kinda a social gathering place, you’d always see people you know, and just sitting in those historical theaters was well worth it.  Well, now I have Starbucks and an mp3 player.

Perhaps leaving behind the sterile environment that the ASO has been in for decades (aside from performance at Chastian) will help it become more than just a destination for school field trips and a place for the elderly to fall asleep (look around if you go, it’s quite comical to see).  It’s definitely a plus to the north Fulton suburbs – a concert venue in a park that embraces its surroundings – much better than a 1960’s closet.  Hopefully there’s wont be a SuperWalmart sprouting up across the street.

Anyway, check out the design details here, including its “translucent fabric, fan-shaped roof suspended over a steel-framed structural system,” at the Dexigner Design Portal.


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