All is silent


It seems that the hard drive from my old PC has had itself a barb-b-q party, perhaps grilling up some of those HoMade hotdogs in the pic below.  I’ll admit, I had been neglecting the bugger a bit since the my mac got permantly adhered to my lap, but it had its uses…like one massive storage unit for stuff I had yet to find another place for…like 3 years of music collecting.  Yes, aside from a small selection stored on my MP3 player, and a few of those circular plastic things (CDs?), I had been storing a library full of a ga-jillion different music files.  And now, gone.

While some irreplacable photos and other files are now gone too, I can at least try to start filling my music void.  Despite a good amount of names, there are still many, many musicians out there that I know I won’t be able to remember, those in my unsorted catagories and from countries and underground nooks that rarely see the light of day.  Sad as I am about that, I’m moving forward to try and re-find them, as well as take suggestions for new finds.

So, for anyone out there who has some suggestions for the eclectic, offbeat, and just plain cheesy musical styles, pass it on (I did loose my dear collection of bad early 90’s booty mixes).  It’s pretty quiet here right now…


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