Michel Gondry + Motorola

Motorola and Michel Gondry have teamed up for a new project together, using Gondry’s spirited, hand-made feel to let viewers “experience” the new technologies of the RAZR2 phone.

The website is worth checking out for all the bonus features – the making of, process book sketches, and interviews – you get a much better idea of the thought process and all that went into making something that is less than a minute in its final form – you know, the stuff most people don’t take into consideration. Anyway, it was a pretty difficult shoot, with everything being mechanical or in-camera effects, but that’s part of what sets Gondry apart.


Oh, and none of this has anything to do with the RAZR accident I blogged earlier.  But it could.  For a small price,  I’m willing to tie in each post to Motorola/Cool phone designs, in one way or another.  So, Motorola, let’s talk…I got loans to pay.


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