2007 Atlanta Scandinavian Festival


When I was a student, I got used to seeing unusual things at my university, Atlanta’s castle-esque Oglethorpe. Sitting in the cafeteria and noticing someone outside dressed up in full medieval regalia seemed perfectly natural considering the architectual details of our campus. Having the Georgia Shakespeare Festival (it’s an actual theater) on campus didn’t help, and I think gamers and other groups often liked to meet at our campus just for the ambiance (not the world’s most amazing, but something special for strip-mall saturated Atlanta). I didn’t even know the Celtic Festival used our grounds until one morning I woke up to the baaing of sheep. Yes, on the grassy knoll outside my dorm, I thereupon saw a flock of sheep and a shaggy dog milling about. Again, a unique morning sighting for Atlanta dwellers. Upon further investgating the tents and ornamently dressed strangers, I then realized a Celtic festival was indeed in my front lawn, complete with a sheep herding competeition.

Now this weekend Oglethorpe played host to the Scandinavian festival. Though it wasn’t huge, it did its best to showcase Icelanidic, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian culture. Live music of varying sorts filled the stage, and even a little folk dancing in between. If you did some hunting, you could get free samples of Glogg (lovely mulled wine) and lots of baked goods. I recommend Danish Delights from husband/wife team in Lawrenceville (yay for independent bakeries!).

Of course, a Scandinavian Festival can’t be without a few viking helmets and endorsements from Ikea. But hey, I got 2 free dinner coupons to the Swedish flat-pack designers, so maybe I’ll stop over there for a little trend research. Anyway, with such lovely weather, the 2007 Atlanta Scandinavian Festival gave us some cultural entertainment for the weekend and emptied my pockets a bit more than I’d like. But that’s the nature of festivals, I suppose, and I’m not going to have a chance to do any traveling there for at least another year and half (yes, I’m justifying it). Just stay away from the grumpy metal smithing guy. He went off on a 3 year old who touched some of his stuff while he stepped away. I was kinda surprised the parents didn’t react, as the kid looked utterly shocked after getting chewed out. Get rid of the metal smither and next year a good time can be had by all.


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