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Spider Pig Couch Gag

Living animated proof. Just go to second 38 and you’ll see pork in action.

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Spider Pig – Safe At Home

We’ve been left hanging for several months now, wondering of the fate of Spider Pig…

…and finally, during the opening couch gag of The Simpson’s 19th season, as predicted, we found out. Yes, Spider Pig survived…feel free to sigh with relief, he didn’t become porkchops in the anarchy that enveloped Springfield, he was safe hiding out in the Simpson’s home all this time.

He truly was a summer love.

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As of September 15th, four years in America!


And what’s a celebration without selodka pod shubi, cheborek, and some hatchipuri?  Happy 4th year in America, Pig!

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Speaking of the downfalls of urban sprawl….


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A 747 to call my own

This quarter I did a little project on “Generica” – that ugly thing that happens when suburbia (and now some cities) all look alike with the same fast food chains, big box stores, and cookie cutter houses.  I’ve actually been thinking, tho, that when I grow up a little more, maybe I’ll move out there – I mean, the more that area is isolated from people who want to get rid of the generic, then the more generic it’s gonna get.  In other words, instead of running from the problem, maybe i’ll stick my head in there and mess things up a bit and create a little dust.  That’s right, I’ll get my pet pig to roam the yard, blare some gypsy punk from the hub’s fabulous system, and drive my steampunk scooter complete with sidecar around the ‘burbs bringing peaceful mayhem and color to the community.

However, I just can’t bring myself to go for the cookie cutter house thing…so, I’ll buy the last plot of free land, and just have to build my own.  I thought this could be a daunting task, but suddenly I’m inspiried…as one of those odd people that’s strangely intrigued with abandoned things, including larger-than life transportation vehicles (planes, trains, ships), this is exciting.  Yes, read Telstar Logistic’s article, and you’ll see, a new crop of 747s is going to be on the market for purchase…read on further and see what people are doing with them…now that’s a dwelling worth putting in the suburbs.

I could go full out complete jet on the yard, trailer park style (actually a 727 pictured):


Or, I could get a little more high-end like this plan for a house in Malibu:


There aren’t many places these days that go for less than $100,000, so I guess a 747 for that price isn’t so bad…you just need to pay for shipping and a little interior renovation, and soon you have the coolest landing pad in the ‘burbs.  Anyway, when city living burns me out, at least I know there’s something else out there calling me to shake up Generica.

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Third Quarter…


…came in like a lazy summer day, and went out as like a violent pre-autumn hurricane.  Caught me by surprise, battered me swept me off the ground a bit, but I’m happy I survived.

Now I’ll just crawl back into a my shell and get some rest, but I’ll be back out exploring soon…

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