Between worlds


I sometimes feel like I live in three different worlds, and they’re just so disjointed at times it’s hard to transition from one to the next. Most of the times I’m in world One, which is PC life, both class and homework. Few grasp what this means except for other PC kiddies and Pig. World Two would have to be my personal life, which is very limited these days. This time gets basic priorities, such as bathing and sleeping, but would otherwise also include spouse time with Pig and visits with friends and fam, etc. This world sometimes understands the first one, and the transition isn’t too difficult, as I’m usually burned out and in need of a change ofscenery, or just so sleep deprived anything goes.

World Three is my working life. This one is incredibly difficult to balance with the first. I’m no longer fulltime, but even my few hours feel like too much sometimes. I feel like World One doesn’t know that World Three exists, and that I slip behind the financially free when I am working rather than attending to my PC projects. I am jealous of those who don’t have to work, but at the same times I’m offered a glimpse of life in another landcompletely different, and even refreshing at times. The transition is extremely difficult to go from a day of intense classes to working a full day in a corporate office. Must dress nice and speak politely. Watch people design and concept that are “soooo not PC”, and work in a bland facility (though our lab is decked out) in the suburbs. Not the picture of cool that student designers dream of, but it is real. I see that people everywhere do things differently, deal with time constraints and cope with ignorant, tasteless clients…real, real and real. In addition, I can go from a day of harsh criticism and downright rudeness at school, to even tempered coworkers who practice corporate politeness and professionalism. So what, they don’t always bluntly speak their minds… sometimes I just need a little fluff and happiness to break up the grinding wheel of World One. Sometimes one needs encouragement in a positive tone and a less tense atmosphere.

So, maybe the facility nazis won’t let us paint our gray walls and I can’t wear jeans, but working with a group of relaxed graphic and industrial designers who bath and sleep regularly is still a valuable experience despite the rough transition between worlds.


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