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Move over Dramatic Prairie Dog!

That’s right, there’s some new drama in town. Check out Glazastik, the now infamous big-eyed guy from a recent G8 clip…I think he’d give that prairie dog a bit of competition. Anyway, all those Russian photo-chop forums have been having huge amounts of fun with him, check out this site for some English friendly samples. I’ve posted one of my favorite versions below.




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A view from one of my intro computer classes…

Yep, this is how we PC students reacted during our first quarter.

Ok, really I just found this while looking at some links off Boing Boing. Apparently there were many Sesame Street clips that terrified its young viewers, and the Yip Yips were among them. I knew that I had one that creeped me out (couldn’t find it on youtube, though), so it’s good to see I’m not alone. Thank goodness for blogs and YouTube – they help bring childhood nightmares together.


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Larger than Life Typography


Maybe not life, but hey it’s captured by aerial photography. Anyway, Google has provided me with another lovely distraction from work with GeoGreetings. That’s right, spell stuff with building letterforms, and then you can see where the buildings are located! Then send inappropriate but unique messages to your friends! Perfect for geography dorks and people who like found type, both which apply to me.


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Shot In The Dark at Henri’s


I found the ultimate fix for those who need to stay up for 24 hours or more – be it making cut paper posters, open heart surgery, all-night raves, or anything else that requires sleep deprivation: the Shot in the Dark. Nope, not a caffeine pill or cracked-out Aderol or intravenously fed coffee. No, this is just a lovely cup full of a night’s sleep all for $1.80.

As my desire grows to someday build an online database of independent coffee shops in Atlanta, I’ve been exploring the scene, and frequently visiting a backyard favorite, Henri’s Bakery near West Paces and Peachtree. The place looks a bit old and outdated, but that just adds character in a quickly modernizing Buckhead area. I suggest a visit, but not a late one – they are a true bakery and operate on an early schedule, and likewise close early (6pm). However, the friendly barrista at the inside cafe will whip up your choice from a wide variety of caffeinated novelties, and he will warn you when need be.

I felt the need for a strong blend today, and went for the Shot In The Dark. Pig has had this before, but as he is not affected by caffeine, merely enjoys the taste without having to worry about an after effect. He is looking for a replacement for his favorite Cuban coffee he gets at a small cafe near Ft. Myers, Florida – 4 or so shots of espresso, but hold the sugar. Anyway, he says the Shot in the Dark is a good replacement drink.

I myself cut back on the coffee over break, as to let my body break down its tolerance before the next quarter in order to let the next 2 1/2 months of caffeine intake be more effective. Yes, I know it’s silly, but it’s a nice little psychological mind game that saves me some money at Starbucks (am I justifying the lack of drinking coffee? I think I am…).

Anyway, the Shot In The Dark is Henri’s whatever blend of powerful coffee with espresso added. Yes, this is nice…imagine an old crusty alcoholic finding a place that serves the nastiest, strongest whiskey out there…and you have something kinda similar in a much more pleasant smelling scenario. This wild concoction is of course best served with a chaser, one of their many lovely fresh baked delicacies. And for you health nuts – don’t worry, the kick from this drink will have you doing cardio with no problem afterward. It’s 3 am, and I feel like going for a run. And I hate running.

While Pig is effortlessly sleeping, I’m reminded that for once I don’t need to be up all night – my work load has not kicked in fully (still haven’t had all my classes), and I should either be doing something fun or taking advantage of the sleep thing. I actually have to get up for something tomorrow, so rather than feeling guilty that I’m not out painting the town pink, I wish I could sleep. Tylenol PM to the rescue perhaps, if anyone else has tips, let me know.

But yes, go get the Shot In The Dark when the time is appropriate. Then get your xactos/track shoes/glow sticks and whatever else ready. But most of all, just go and support the local independent cafe scene, Atlanta needs ’em!



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Congratulations Sochi!


That’s right, Russia gets the 2014 Winter Olympics. How they beat out Salzburg and South Korea, I don’t know, and don’t want to know. But nonetheless, congrats to the mother land! Perhaps the mighty US will choose to compete this time, as some of you young ones might not know that they boycotted the 1980 summer games in Moscow.

Sochi (pronounced SO-chee) should be an interesting destination, as some call is the Riviera of Russia, while others who have likely traveled more refer to it as the Panama City of the former Soviet Union. Either way, I hope it will be a boost to this seaside city and the country as a whole. I still think it’s funny that this sunny vacation spot is getting the Winter games, when Moscow, which is much further north, got the summer games. I know, I know, close to the Caucus Mountains, better skiing and so forth. Anyway, I haven’t been there yet, but I do hope to have the opportunity!

Any comments on the logo? A little conservative but perhaps better than recently criticized London one?

Anyway, congrats again…Ya zhelau mnogo belok!!!


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Final revision, I promise!

Teamwork Squirrels…again

So here is my final version…I swear! No Mas! Vsyo! Fin! I’ll stop beating this dead horse, I promise…I just don’t have that many horses to beat, so forgive me!

Anyway, last week’s version I uploaded to YouTube was a little on the quiet side. Now with some lovely features on my new MBP, I’ve been able to make it look and sound a little more interesting. Enjoy it one last time…


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73, Cloudy and so very content

I love this weather!  I just have to exclaim it, it makes me so happy!!!

Can anyone tell me where I can find 73 and cloudy in the summer, on a regular basis?  Please, please, pretty please?  It just improves my mood so much – I have the windows open, it’s not a steam bath outside, and I can walk to the store without melting.  And there are clouds!  I get really depressed when it’s endless sunny, faded blue scorching hot days.  I’m weird, I know, but I need clouds.  And heat just makes me grumpy.

So, you can see why I am so happy today…tell me where I can find a paradise where it is always like this!!!   I feel like when I was studying art restoration in Sevilla, Spain for a summer, and dying in the constant 40 degree Celsius heat with no AC…I had a strange bout of depression haunt me, but afterward I took a flight to Prague and suddenly my spirits lifted in the most amazing fashion. I got off the plane and was surrounded by overcast skies and cooler temperatures, and immediately fell at ease.  I still consider the Czech Republic my number one place I’d like to live, but there are more reasons other than weather.

So, as a plan B, tell me where I can get this!  I want to be there!

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